Submissions from 2022



Generational differences between younger and older Japanese adults in perceptions of society from retrospective, current, and future time perspectives, David Anderson, Hiroyuki Shimizu, and Winston Edward Massam


Beyond educational reforms: a review of teacher preparation in Tanzania, Nipael Mrutu, Peter Kajoro, Fredrick Mtenzi, Hamis Nkota, Jamila Kova, and Aladini Hoka


Supportive Curriculum Framework for Remote Learning in Tanzania Early Childhood Education: Insights From the COVID-19 Pandemic, Fredrick Mtenzi and Musa Saimon


Teachers’ and Learners’ Perceptions of the Use of Science Content Songs in the Teaching and Learning of Ionic Bonding, Omollo D. O and Winston Edward Massam


Teachers’ and students’ views on the use of songs in teaching and learning ionic bonds, Omollo D. O and Winston Edward Massam


Design-Based Implementation Research Baseline Data Collection: Technical report, Koomar Saalim; Adam Taskeen; Winston Edward Massam; Anthony , Gervace; Mrope Winifrida Jacob; Fredrick Mtenzi; Mwakabungu Fika; Aneth Komba; Sara Hennessy; and Barretto Johnpaul


Exploring Social Protection Opportunities through Everyday Navigations of Women Informal Workers: the Case of Buguruni Food Vending Network in Dar Es Salaam, Nyagwegwe Chaulo Wango, Winston Edward Massam, Tatu Mtwangi Limbumba, Colman T. Msoka, and Wilbard Kombe

Submissions from 2021


Relationship between Personality Trait Introversion-Extroversion and Academic Achievement in Science Subjects among Secondary School Students in Tanzania, Winston Edward Massam


Reflective practices as the cornerstone for teacher development in the 21st century: Lessons from educators’ action research projects, Musa Saimon and Fredrick Mtenzi


Inclusion of informal economic actors in voluntary social security schemes: A study of motorcycle taxi service (bodaboda) in Dar es Salaam, Nyagwegwe C. Wango, Winston E. Massam, Tatu M. Limbumba, Colman T. Msoka, and Wilbard Kombe

Theses/Dissertations from 2020

An exploration of how teachers deal with secondary school students’ errors and misconceptions in mathematics teaching and learning in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, Zaituni Otindo Ali

Exploration of mathematics teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge for teaching subtraction strategies. a case of Kwania Disrict, Uganda., Owino Ambrose

Effective use of hearing aids for acquisition of spoken language for learners with hearing impairement: case of Kisumu County, Kenya, Alice Anyango Auma

Investigating primary school teacher’s knowledge of creating and using rubrics to improve learning: a case of public primary schools, Kisumu County in Kenya, Cecilia Awuor

Exploring secondary school learners’ experiences of learning english online or remotely during COVID-19 pandemic., Florence Achieng' Deya

An investigation on the causes of student’s poor performance of bookkeeping subject in form four national examinations: a case of Ubungo Municipal Council, Mshindo Idd

“Classroom practices of primary school teachers of english: examining the potential application of post method pedagogy in Kenya”, Karanja Paul Kabogo

An assessment of the role of clinical supervision in improving the quality of teaching: a case study of a secondary school in Kilifi north sub-county, Kenya, Hurriet Riziki Karani

The effects of streaming secondary school students according to their academic performance in Hai District, Kilimanjaro, Tunzoely Kikaho

Exploring the influence of language teachers’ experiences of learning language on their teaching practices, Paul Mwangi Kinutha

Secondary School Students’ Use of Smartphones: what can we learn about Learners’ Devices to Improve Learning?, Idd Kasanda Kwiligwa

Investigating the effect of assessment feedback on student's learning and performance in mathematics: a case of two community secondary schools in Moshi Municipality, Tanzania, Alex Mlemba

A document analysis of the implementation of competency-based curriculum: investigating the role of head teachers in Kenya., Patience Wabosha Mnengwa

Exploring teachers’ formative assessment practices in improving biology learning and performance: a case of selected community secondary school in Moshi Municpality, Beatitude Jackson Mrema

Mathematics teachers’ preparedness to teach in a virtual classroom: focus on COVID-19 impact on education, Jemimah Wangui Ng'ang'a

Examining the integration of information and communication technology by chemistry teachers in Ndhiwa Sub-County, Kenya, David Omondi Olela

Exploring quality classroom questioning as practiced by teachers in the teaching and learning process: a case of a secondary school in Siaya, Kenya., Samwel Ojode Oluoch

Factors contributing to female students underperformance in mathematics for secondary schools: a case study of Kasulu District., Charles Oman

An exploration of the use of spoken english in diploma teacher education colleges: a case of southern highlands zone of Tanzania, Rizick Onani

Mathematical symbolization: students’ proficiency in using symbols, Peter Okoth Oyoo

Roles of the school management committees in supporting teaching and learning in early childhood classes of budde sub-county, Butambala District, Uganda, Tabu Paul


Fostering transnational virtual mentoring relationships: Possibilities and pitfalls, Jane Rarieya and Zeenar Salim

Teachers’ use of formative assessment in teaching reading comprehension in the transition class in Moyo sub-county, Moyo District., Kinyaa Ayia Rfina

Mobile application for summative assessment of language literacies in primary education in Tanzania, Musa Saimon

Parents perception of early childhood education: a case study of Mahango a rural sub-county in Kasese District-Uganda, Eria Sukutha

Investigating classroom practices: development of learners’ social and emotional oracy skills. a case of one secondary school in Iringa District – Tanzania, Joel Wang'uba

Head teachers’ views of instructional leadership: a case study of four primary school head teachers in Kitgum Municipal Council, Uganda, Olanya Michael West

Submissions from 2019


Challenges and opportunities for authentic student participation in school governance: Lessons from Zanzibar, Mohammed Abdalla


School leadership preparation in Tanzania, Mohammed Abdalla, Mweru Mwingi, Wachira Nicholas, Janet Okoko, and Charles Webber

Using discussion as a teaching technique to improve learners oral communication skills in english language lessons: a case of a rural public school in Homa Bay County, Kenya, Linet Adhiambo Agele

Exploring the roles of teacher leaders in promoting school improvement: A Case of one government-aided primary school in kitgum district, Uganda, Obita Amos


Does leadership exist in early childhood education in Tanzania?, Fortidas Bakuza


New education policy, new curriculum and new government (5th phase): Opportunities and challenges in early childhood education in Tanzania, Fortidas Bakuza

Exploring how a-level biology teachers integrate ICT in teaching and learning: A case of a private school in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, Florian Nelson Bessango

Exploring the role of schools in supporting professional development for pre-primary teachers: a case of two public primary schools in Moshi Municipality, Frank A. Christian

The effects of English as language of instruction on teaching history in two schools in Monduli district, Agness Dominick

The role of peer mentoring in influencing the teaching practices in secondary schools: a case study of Millennial high school in Kampala, Mutebi Ibrahim


Intersections of Mother Tongue-Based Instruction, Funds of Knowledge, Identity, and Social Capital in an Ugandan Pre-School Classroom, Shelley Jones and Safina Mutumba

An investigation into how teachers support learners reading in grade one: a study of a selected primary school in Kenya, Kisumu County, Nyando sub-County, Felix Okoth K'ochuka


Energy-Efficient Load Balancing Ant Based Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks, Xinlu Li, Brian Keegan, Fredrick Mtenzi, Thomas Weise, and Ming Tan


Education in Tanzania in the era of globalisation: Challenges and opportunities, Joe Lugalla and Marriote Ngwaru

To investigate how summative examinations influence the teaching of English language in form four classes, Nthenya Mwongela Makali

Leadership against the odds: a case study of successful female leadership in Taita Taveta County, Kenya, Sikuku Mercy Nafula


Making the link: Integrating design thinking, making and STEMx in education, Wachira Nicholas and Susan Crichton

G & C teachers’ preparedness for the provision of guidance and counselling services in public secondary schools in Kenya: a case of three public secondary schools in Taita Sub-County, Constance Wasai Nyambu

An investigation into how teachers support learners reading in grade one: a study of a selected primary school in Kenya, Kisumu County, Nyando Sub- County, K'ochuka Felix Okoth


Early years education and development: A need or luxury?, Mary Oluga


Education policy and practice in Tanzania: A critical conversation, Fulgence Saronga

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

Exploring teachers’ interventions in enhancing grade one school readiness, Rawa Ghaleb Afara

An investigation of primary children’s misconceptions on floating and sinking concepts: a survey in one Government primary school in Soroti municipality, eastern Uganda, Cathy Martha Akello

Exploring the role of open distance learning in improving teachers professional development, Dickson Owuor Alai

Exploring the use of multiliteracies pedagogy in the teaching of English language in a secondary school in Koboko district, Uganda: action research, Lilian Amaniyo

Exploration of students’ conceptual understanding of Trigonometric functions, Stedius Salivatory Bernado

Assessing peer coaching practices in improving teacher professional development: a case study of two community primary schools in Moshi district council: Kilimanjaro region, Adria Calist

Exploring students’ difficulties in solving mathematical word problems: case of a private secondary school, Dar es salaam, Tanzania., Kiyombi Edward

The roles of internal instructional supervision in enhancing teachers effectiveness: a case study of two primary schools in Awere sub-County Pader district, Uganda, Otto George


Assessment for learning in Africa: Insights from classrooms in Tanzania, Anjum Halai, Veronica Sarungi, and Therese N. Hopfenbeck

Examining language used in science instruction in pupils’ conceptualization of science ideas in secondary schools: a case study of one Tanzanian public secondary school, Alnaji Iddi

Investigating the use of pictures to enhance reading in early years: A case study of an early childhood development Centre in Western Kenya, Damary Luvayo Kisiang'ani

Investigating the influence of non-technical words to the teaching and learning of science: a case study of a primary school in Taveta sub-county, Buya Yorrum Komora

Attitude of secondary school students towards physics subject: a case of a secondary school in Moshi municipality, Erick Makange

Exploring the use of drama in the English language classes, Florence Kambura Marundu

Exploring how teachers are assisted by tie to cope with teaching and learning process during the transition period of curriculum change, Godfrey Emeran Mishomari

Exploring teachers’ pedagogical practices in delivering early childhood curriculum content in the classroom, Winfrida Jacom Mrope


Mobile technologies and socio-economic development in emerging nations, Fredrick Mtenzi, George Oreku, Dennis Lupiana, and Jim Yonazi

Effectiveness of teacher performance and appraisal document (TPAD) use as a curriculum supervisory tool in improving teacher performance competencies. A case study of a primary school in Taita-Taveta County, Kenya., Duncan Mwarimbo Mwae

Use of rubric in assessment to support learning, Dennis Odhiambo Ogollah

Investigating the role that multimodal pedagogy can play in improving the teaching and learning of english language in a resource constrained rural Kenyan public secondary school: action research., Veronica Atieno Okoth

Impact of text message language on writing skills of secondary school students, Bob Otieno Ondiek

Exploring the practices in developing the 21st century soft skills in secondary schools in Tanzania: A case study of a public secondary school in Arusha region, Ulrick T. Passian

The role of parents and community in the management of student discipline in a secondary school, Eyotaru Patricia

An examination of the role that integration plays in promoting teaching and learning for refugee learners in secondary schools: case study of public secondary schools in Moyo district Uganda, Tiondi Patrick

Addressing cultural diversity in early childhood classes: what are teachers competencies?, Prezy Emanuel Ramadhani

Exploring the factors influencing parental involvement in early childhood education in Masasi district, Tanzania., Azam Saidi

Influence of secondary science and mathematics (SESEMAT), programme in teaching and learning mathematics in lower secondary schools. A case study of one school in Uganda., Gule Saidi

Exploring strategies that the language teachers used in supporting learners with reading difficulties: A case study in Kisuta primary school in Ojolla zone-Kisumu west sub-County, Kenya, Aluoch Alice Schafer

Exploring public primary school teachers’ use of learners’ funds of knowledge to teach literacy, Francis B. Shayo

Examining the impact of child labour on learning achievements in Uganda: a case study of two primary schools in Yumbe district, Aluma Swali

Exploring effects of teachers‟ perception towards standardized tests: A case study of primary schools in Soroti municipal council, Uganda, Agera Thomas


‘My mom says you’re not really a teacher’: Rhizomatic explorations of ever-shifting student teacher identities and experiences, Shelina Walli and Sonya Gaches

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Exploring the use of concrete objects in lower primary mathematics: a case study of one public primary school in Uganda, Idraku Felix Abraham

Examining techniques of teaching mathematics to visually impaired pupils in inclusive classroom: the case of Juakali primary school in west Nile region, Uganda., Dranduga Augustus

Teacher leadership in upholding professional ethics in primary schools in Abim district – Uganda, Aupe Steven Biko

Investigating teacher educators’ application of active teaching and learning: a case of Belgian - teacher training education project at a national teachers’college in Arua, West Nile-Uganda, Drani Ronald Bileah

Exploring the implementation of Tanzania pre-primary curriculum of 2016: a case study of Nachingwea district, Tanzania, Bakari Chambo

Exploration of the enhancement of scientific literacy by nursery school teachers: a case of excel nursery school, in eastern Uganda., Adengo Emmanuel

Exploring use of teaching aids in the teaching and learning of mathematics in secondary schools in Uganda Maracha district, Badaru Florence


Role of the practicum in teacher preparation for multilingual classrooms in Tanzania, Anjum Halai and Peter Kajoro

Exploring the application and importance of multimodality in language and literacy classrooms: a case of a primary school in Monduli district, Abdallah Shaban Hoza