Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Role of the principal in involving the parents in various activities of the school, Zain - ul - Muluk

The prevalence of postoperative pain following day surgery in the first 48 hours at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Gilbert Mwaka

Risk of contrast induced nephropathy in HIV patients receiving radiographic contrast at three Aga Khan Hospitals, Sitna A. Mwanzi

The nature of organizational learning in a private school in the Pakistani context, Ali Nawab

Evolution of education in Hunza, the Northern Areas of Pakistan: Views of early teachers of Hunza, Aafiyat Nazar

Exploring the role of the principal in facilitating students' leadership in secondary school in Karachi, Pakistan, Sahib Nigar

Teacher performance appraisal: A tool for professional development, Taj Un Nisa

Median values for second-trimester maternal serum αlpha fetoprotein and human chorionic gonadotrophin (double test) at Aga Khan University Hospital-Nairobi, Nancy A. Okinda

Exploring patterns in conceptions and enactment of democracy by secondary school teachers in Karachi, Pakistan, Karim Panah

Use of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) to improve Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in the diagnosis of intracranial pathology, done at Aga Khan University, Joyce Sande

Exploring students' responses to inquiry approach to teaching in a lower secondary science classroom, Zulfiqar Ali Shah

Exploring a principal's decision-making processes with regard to professional development of teachers, engendering a culture of professional development in the school, Abdul Sharif

The influence of antiretroviral therapy on QTc interval amongst HIV patients at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Jay Shavadia

Exploring in-charge teachers' academic and administrative experiences at religious education centres (REC) in Karachi, Sadia Iqbal Sheikh

Exploring teaching practices and their influence on students' learning experiences of the English language in class 1, Umbreen Sultana

Exploring the process of teaching literature review: Possibilities and challenges, Huzefa Tawawalla

A comparative study of the genotype MTBDRplus® assay against a standard culture method for diagnosis and drug susceptibility testing of tuberculosis, Peris W. Thamaini

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Teacher leadership : Exploring islamiyat teachers' understanding of their role & their practices in leading their subject CT at a private school in Karachi, Sajad Ahmad

Investing job satisfaction of teachers in Karachi, Pakistan: A survey study, Fida Ali

Exploring practices and view of a bilingual English teacher regarding the role of first language in teaching speaking skills at the primary level, Shaukat Ali

Teachers’ perceptions of school environment in private schools of Karachi, Shamuil Badruddin

Teaching writing in ESL classrooms: Study of two Advanced Diploma in Education: English language teaching graduates practices, Abdullah Baig

Tracing the pathways: Exploring the journey of women primary school head teacher incharge teacher, Salima Rahim Baig

Teacher burnout: A leadership perspective and measures to reduce it, Amynah Sadiq Bhaidani

Exploring leadership challenges in a primary school for under-privileged working children in Karachi, Shamsah Raheem Dhanani

Facilitating social studies teachers to use issue-based inquiry, Sadia Hanif

Exploring the use of literary texts to develop moral values in grade six of a private school in Karachi, Pakistan, William Charles Kir Henderson

Facilitating social studies teachers to use issue based enquiry in a government school, Shafqat Hussain

Understanding the sustainability and institutionalization of change initiatives for school improvement, Shahzad Hussain

Understanding the role of principal in managing school discipline: A case study, Muhammad Iqbal

The beliefs and practices of secondary school teachers about teaching of Islamiat: A case study, Zahid Ali Jatoi

Exploring the role of a head teacher in leading a rural government high school of District Ghotki, Sindh, Syed Dhani Bux Shah Jillani

Triple test assessment and a scoring system to predict the presence of breast cancer at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Aideed A. Kahie

High achieving schools of AKU-EB: Leadership roles and practices, Atai Karim

Practices of strategic planning in a private secondary school in Karachi, Dur Wali Khan

A case study: Formative classroom assessment practices of two lower secondary teachers of mathematics in an English medium private school of Karachi, Mousa Ullah Khan

How to appraisers and appraisees experience teacher performance appraisal in a private secondary school in Karachi, Pakistan, Musa Ali Khan

Learning to lead people with emotional intelligence in an educational context, Sher Alam Khan

Discovering identities of teachers of English in Pakistan, Zaigham Aizad Malik

Exploring the role of the head teacher in developing culture of teamwork among teachers, Mansur Mansurov

Exploring processes of career guidance and counseling practices in a private education network in Karachi, Pakistan, Noureen Aziz Merchant

Implementing ‘assessment as learning to develop students’ conceptual understanding in a secondary school Chemistry classroom of a government school in Karachi, Khosh Mir

Roles of parents in inclusion of their children with sen in a mainstream school, Malika Mir

Day care surgery at a new university teaching hospital: a review out of the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Edwin Mogere

Day care surgery at a new university teaching hospital: a review out of the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Edwin Mogere

Prevalence, risk factors and outcome of acute kidney injury at the Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi, Peter W. Munyu

Self evaluation processes and school improvement, Almas Nadeem

A randomised comparative clinical trial of prokinetic agents and proton pump inhibitors in H. pylori negative non-ulcer dyspepsia, Mzee Ngunga

Questioning practices in a lower secondary social studies classroom, Shamsun Nisa

Exploring a female and a male secondary school head teachers' experiences of leading school improvement, Didar Panah

Leadership approaches of principals in government and private schools: Teachers perceptions, Hazir Panah

A case study of alternative assessment practices in a CCAC graduate primary science classroom, in a community-based school in Pakistan, Sharif Panah

Exploring the role of a head teacher in the teaching learning process of schools, Bilqees Inayat Ali Patel

Primary health care providers’ knowledge and practices on asthma management within Dar es salaam region health facilities, John C. Rwegasha

Students’ perceptions about the symbols, letters and signs in algebra and how do these affect their learning of algebra: A case study in a government girls secondary school, Karachi, Pakistan, Mashooque Ali Samo

The importance of a middle leaders support for teachers in implementation of the curriculum in primary classes, Alima Bibi Shah

Facilitating teachers to enquiry in social studies classrooms, Dawar Shah

Role of classroom culture in constructing gendered identities of children at the primary school level, Zareen Taj

Evaluation of suspected renal colic patients with unenhanced low-dose Multidetector Computed Tomography (MDCT), Nebayosi Twahirwa

Comparison of doppler studies in obstetrics with fetal outcome, Sheila Waa

Exploring students transition experiences from primary school to secondary school in a government secondary school of Karachi, Mohammad Yousuf

The perceptions and practices of social studies teachers about enquiry-based teaching in Karachi, Pakistan, Aikyanai Yusupova

Exploring the motivation of female science students towards learning science at the secondary level (10th class), Lal Zamrud

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Promoting discussion in a lower secondary science classroom, Naheed Parveen Anwar

Challenges in teaching mathematics at the ECD level: Implications for teachers and teacher educators, Anjum Ara

Role of school leadership in enhancing home-school relationships in a community school in Karachi, Pakistan, Sher Jawan Baig

Role of the head teacher in fostering collaborative learning among teachers in a government secondary school, Fozia Ahmed Baloch

The current practices of school development planning in a private school in Karachi, Marina Begum

Innovative strategies to promote students' argumentation in science, Ali Gohar Chang

Integration of computers with teaching of science at the lower secondary level, Muhammad Umer Daraz

Exploring teachers' practices of teaching creative writing skills in an early childhood development (ECD) classroom in a community school: A case study, Shairoz Ismail Dhanani

Contribution of unschooled parents in the education of their children, Muhammad Ejaz

An inclusive school's principal perspective successes and challenges, Zakia Elahi

Opportunities for improving oral skill in English in the English and content area classes: Exploratory study, Diana Louisa Francis

Facilitating teachers for gender sensitive political literacy instruction, Sadaf Furqan

Qualitative explorative study of science subject leadership in the enhancement of information communication technology integration in project based learning in a private secondary school in Pakistan, Anthony Maina Gioko

Developing understanding of a writing frame for explanation in science writing, Umme-Farwah Hasnain

Processes used by the governing body for retaining teachers, Ijlal Hussain

Teachers as agents of school improvement: A case study, Manzoor Hussain

The implementation of student-centered teaching in grade four and six mathematics classrooms, Rahmat Jan

Exploring the perceptions of parents and girls about girls' education in a Kachi Abadi of Karachi, Pakistan, Sakhi Ahmed Jan

Qualitative explorative study of role of a head teacher in promoting a collaborative learning culture in a government secondary school in Karachi, Pakistan, Umar Jan

Integration of Science, Technology and Society (STS) approach in teaching chemistry at higher secondary level, Shairose Irfan Jessani

The headteacher’s role in motivating teachers to work in a secondary school facing adverse circumstances, Nazir Ahmed Jogezai

A principal’s challenges in improving teachers’ classroom practices and her strategies for address these challenges, Abdul Sher Khan

School-home partnership in the context of a private school located in Karachi, Pakistan, Ali Murad Khan

Stakeholders' perceptions and action for addressing students' dropout in a government secondary school in Karachi, Ashraf Ali Khan

Exploring roles of a subject coordinator in a private secondary school Karachi, Pakistan, Babar Khan

Exploring the influences of teacher performance appraisal on teachers' motivation: A case study, Karim Mohammad Khan

Facilitating social studies teachers in teaching controversial issues for developing political literacy in students, Shabnam Sohail Khan

Including the excluded: A case study of an inclusive classroom in an inclusive education school in Karachi, Pakistan, Sher Nawaz Khan

Becoming and being a PDT: The relations between personal and professional life, Kanykei Ahmatova Mahamatjanovna

Role of a teacher in facilitating students' participation in mathematical tasks through questioning in a primary classroom, Bibi Maryam

Mathematics teachers selection and use of instructional materials, Elnazarova Mavji

Role of a head teacher in promoting the use of ICT among the learning area coordinators: A case study, Nizamuddin

Women in school leadership: Exploring gender experiences in becoming and being school leaders, Josphine Akinyi Nyangaga

Facilitating teachers' understanding and teaching of critical-thinking as a way to develop students' political literacy, Rakshanda Ovais

A comparative study of a male and a female school leader, Mahi Parveen

Exploring teachers collaborative practices in teaching and learning a private school in Karachi, Pakistan, Mehr Perwer

Teachers' strategies of giving feedback in a lower secondary mathematics classroom (a case study), Aziz Rahmat