Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Exploring secondary school physics teachers’ content knowledge of physics : A study from Gilgit-Baltistan, Imtiaz Ali

Spiritual Development in Early Years: Investigating Parental Practices of Ismaili Muslim Religious Education Centres in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Anila Rafiq Allana

Effect of reflective skills on family medicine resident's clinical reasoning ability, Marie Andrades

The role of school management in improving pupils ‘academic performance in government-aided primary schools: the case of two primary schools in Yumbe district in the west Nile region of Uganda, John Angulibo

Teacher preparation for teaching English in secondary school classes in a teacher preparation college in Southern Tanzania, Gervace Anthony

Minority languages for instruction: A comparative study of teachers’ perspectives in Tanzania and Brazil, Jean Antunes

An exploration of the strategies used by teachers in teaching reading skills to learners in lower primary: A case study of a public primary school in Western Kenya, Mary Susan Anyiendah

Using oral traditions (stories) in teaching numeracy in early childhood in lower primary p1-3, west Nile sub-region Uganda, Owiny Anthony Anywar

Exploring the changes that professional development interventions, under a funded project, have made in schools of District Khairpur, Ghulam Asghar

Association between parity and rubella seropositivity among older reproductive-age women, Ibtisam Salim Awadh

The utilization of the library innovation project as an intervention of developing literacy in Morogoro region of Tanzania, Roselyne Obiero Ayieko

An investigation of female heads of department: challenges and opportunities for promotion to headship in secondary schools: a case study of Migori Country, Okea Chuda Ayoo

Exploring patients' perceptions about quality nursing care (QNC) at a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, Rehana Ayub

Prevalance of anemia and its associated individual, household and community level factors among children aged 1-5 years in two peri-urban communities of Karachi, Pakistan, Abid Hussain Baig

Exploring the power of appreciative inquiry in discovering the positive core of a public sector rural school in Gilgit-Baltistan, Rehman Ali Balti

Institutional and familial perspectives and level of parents’ involvement in their children’s education in public schools of Kech, Balochistan, Mehnaz Bashir

Exploring grade 10 students’ conceptions about the nature of science, Nasima Bibi

Exploring experiences of lower primary school teachers in teaching through local language as a medium of instruction in Uganda, Nanseko Pharidah Bwanika

Androgen receptor expression and associated clinico-pathologic features in primary breast cancer from Kenya, Joshua Kibera Chege

The exploration of the implementation of competence based curriculum in the chemistry classroom: A case study of public secondary school in Morogoro Municipality, Richard Michael Chiligati

Comparing the effectiveness of peer assisted versus lecture based learning in community medicine nutrition course, Seema Daud

The management of the thematic curriculum: a case study of a public school head teacher, Abim District, Uganda, Owiny Charles Dickens

Manifestations of global education in National Curriculum of Pakistan Studies : A case study of developing students' global perspectives in Chitral, Tajud Din

Examining teacher leadership development in a government secondary school in Koboko west-Nile Uganda, Wayi Dragamulai

Critical literacy development in early childhood education, Blandina Francis Duwe

Sustainable access to education for southern Sudanese refugee children living in Uganda: a case of a refugee settlement in Arua district, Amuge Edith

The use of local materials in the development of literacy in early years In Kumi district - Uganda, Tino Emimah

The heart weight–body weight coefficient in Kenyans aged 14 years and above, Mbayah Etabale

Contribution of head teachers’ motivation techniques to the performance of teachers of government secondary schools of Karachi, Muhammad Farooq

Role of SESEMAT led continuous professional development on mathematics teachers’ practice, Wamala Francis

Exploring the causes of lack of community involvement in one of the public sector schools of Chilas, Diamer District, in Gilgit Baltistan, Abdul Ghafar

Racecadotril for the treatment of severe acute watery diarrhoea in children admitted to the Kenyatta National hospital - a randomised double blinded placebo controlled trial, Jaspreet Singh Gharial

Implementing pedagogies to engage the disengaged grade V girls’ students in science learning, Gul-e-Zehra

Exploring the role of teacher identity in teacher leadership: a case study of two public primary schools in Mombasa County, Kenya, Moses Njoroge Harun

Assessing the effect of fifty percent overlearning in undergraduate medical students of a Public Medical College in Faisalabad, Pakistan six weeks after completing cardiac first response course, Musarrat ul Hasnain

Influence of professional development programmes on teachers’ beliefs and classroom practices : A case of two English language teachers from Gilgit-Baltistan, Mirza Hassan

Human resource development for mental health services in Afghanistan : a case study approach, Ebadullah Hedayat

An investigation into the role of scouting as non-formal education in youth development in Karachi, Pakistan : A mixed methods study, Faisal Sadruddin Huda

An evaluation of community midwifery program in Sindh, Pakistan, Ayaz Hussain

Exploring the role of District Education Management Officers (DEMOs) in facilitating Teacher Professional Development (TPD) in District Ghanche, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, Zakir Hussain

The utility of a tablet computer device in comparison to a standard high resolution monitor for reporting CT KUB images, Kenneth Kiriinya Ibeere

Factors affecting general group students’ performance in mathematics at grade IX and X – an exploratory study in a private school of Karachi, Anna Muhammad Iqbal

Evaluation of the quality of clinical supervision in Postgraduate Medical Education at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province using modified "EFFECT" questionnaire /, Abid Jameel

Case of a professional learning community in Gilgit-Baltistan, Wazir Jan

Exploring how head teachers monitor teaching and learning: A case of a Secondary School in Trans-Nzoia West District in Kenya, Josiah Kinyua Joel

The role of school leadership in retention of girls in school: a case study of one public primary school in Morogoro region Tanzania, Jackline John

Reflective practice as a component of continuous professional development and tutor competences in teaching mathematics in the primary teachers’ colleges in north-west Nile Uganda: a case of certificate in teacher education proficiency, Asega Joseph

How leadership supports technology- based networks (TBNS) in teaching and learning in teachers colleges, Samuel Onesmo Kabulo

A study of the changing role of the Balochistan Textbook Board, Naseeb Ullah Kakar

Exploring teachers’ classroom practices in teaching reading skills to young learners: A comparative study of two selected public primary schools in Mvomero District, Tanzania, Modesta Kaluwa

Focusing on the positive core : Using appreciative inquiry for developing leadership in school organization, Muhammad Kamal

Preparation of pre-service primary science teachers to develop scientific literacy: a case of a primary teacher training college in Taita Taveta County, Kenya, Angela Ndunge Kamanga

The effect of a preanaesthesia clinic consultation on adult patient anxiety in Aga Khan University hospital; a cohort study, Anthony Kamau

Integration of ICT in teaching and learning: An exploratory study on the use of video in science class of one primary school in Zanzibar, Mwanapili Mwinyi Kambi

Enhancing democratic teaching and learning strategies in a civics classroom at secondary school level in Tanzania: an action research, Amiri Bakari Kaniki

Improving teaching of geometry in a multigrade classroom in a primary school of Tando Allah Yar, Sindh, Sadia Kanwal

Conceptual understanding of mathematics among students – a comparative study between students of International Baccalaureate and national curriculum, Salima Karim

Exploration of assessment literacy of lower primary mathematics teachers: a case of one public primary school in Kilifi Country, Kenya., Jane Kariuki

Association of post-traumatic stress disorder with work performance amongst emergency medical service personnel, Salima Mansoor Kerai

The role of school leadership in retention of students from low socio-economic background in school, a case study of a co-educational, government aided day secondary school in Palisa district, eastern Uganda., Anneth Loyce Khainza

Quality of life of stable stroke survivors evaluated at two tertiary care hospitals of Karachi, Pakistan, Wardah Khalid

An assessment of whether medical doctors have the Knowledge that would enable them to competently deliver tobacco cessation services, Miriam Miima Khamonya

Secondary school science teachers’ conceptions about the nature of science, Gulzadi Khan

Domestic violence against married men in District Dir (lower), Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Pakistan : prevalence, determinants and health consequences, Hizbullah Khan

Exploring the relationship between intimate partner violence during pregnancy and stillbirths : a community based nested matched case control study in district Thatta, Khaula Khatlani

Factors influencing low enrolment in a community health insurance scheme, Karachi, Pakistan, Hussain Maqbool Ahmed Khuwaja

Training of head teachers for effective leadership and management of schools, Frida Joseph Kiliwa

The role of school leadership in facilitating the use of ICT in teaching and learning : a case of public secondary school in Tanzania, Obed Kipelo

The role of the head teacher in supporting teachers to enhance language competences among the learners transiting from lower to upper primary: a case of a government aided primary school in Uganda, Sharon Kirabo

Preparation of preschool children for grade one: a case study of a rural public preschool in Likuyani sub-country Kenya, Ruth Nyongi Kituzi

Aunty, cat chair pe bethi hai - using stories to support and assess the development of vocabulary of two year old bilingual children through a collaborative action research, Aimen Lakhani

Perceived barriers among pregnant women towards cervical cancer screening, Visavilwa Vincent Lamuka

Integration of multimedia in the teaching and learning of physics: how can it influence student classroom engagement?, Cockgen omondi Limonya

Teacher’s level of preparedness to utilize room to read innovations in public primary schools in Tanzania, Khalima Rashid Ludanga

The prevalence of malaria and assessment of the uptake of malaria prevention measures in blood donors in two regional blood transfusion centres in Kenya, Valerie Magutu

Establishing causes of school dropout within an era of dropout preventative measures: a study of a rural primary school in Moyo district-Uganda, Andrua Harriet Maiku

Establishing causes of school dropout within an era of dropout preventative measures: a study of a rural primary school in Moyo district-Uganda, Andrua Harriet Maiku

Challenges faced by hearing impaired adolescent schoolgirls in Western Kenya: The need for school leadership to respond., Miriam Makungu Makokha

Formative assessment classroom techniques and their influence on the instructional practices of primary school mathematics teachers, Asma Mamsa

One year symptom severity and health-related quality of life changes among patients undergoing uterine fibroid embolisation, Charles Muriuki Mariara

Exploration of teacher resource center support towards professional growth of primary school teachers in the teaching of mathematics: a case of a TRC in southern Tanzania., Chrysostom Bonus Matenga

Parental involvement in the learning of children’s literacy at home and school: a case study of a government aided primary school Bukedea district Uganda, Apolot Josephine Matha

School self-evaluation: a case of a public secondary school in Kiambu County, Kenya., Albert Wanjala Mauka

The incidence of early upper extremity disability after axillary surgery in patients with early breast cancer, Karen Mbaabu

An exploration of the role of school leadership in implementation of learner-centered pedagogy in teaching mathematics: a case of a secondary school in Tanzania., Rehema Mdoe

The role of the head teacher in ensuring public retention through school feeding programme: A case study of a government aided primary school in Uganda, Mugabi Milton

The exploration of the impact of school inspections by the district inspectors of schools on school management by the head teachers: a case of primary schools in Koboko district in west Nile, Uganda., Moga Muhammad

Exploring the role of head teacher in supporting early literacy development in lower primary: a case of Makole primary school in Southern Tanzania, Baraka Roberty Muhindila

Exploring the leadership practices of a novice principal: a case of a secondary school in Suba sub- country, Kenya, Moses Buriri Mukowa

Exploring the effects of the free day secondary school program in Kenya: A case of a day school in Eastern Kenya, Boniface Nzioka Musyoki

The use of mother tongue stories in early literacy development at pre-primary school level in Kira town council, Uganda, Safina Mutumba

Using the lens of gender responsiveness to investigate school leadership efforts to keep girls in school: a case study of a public primary school in Kinango Sub County in Kwale County, Kenya, Ruth Ndete Mwangi

A randomized control trial comparing weight adjusted dose versus fixed dose prophylactic phenylephrine infusion on maintaining systolic blood pressure during caeserean section under spinal anaesthesia, Lucy Wambui Mwaura

Exploring parental involvement in early literacy development through the use of teaching and learning materials in a school community in Eastern Tanzania, Jacob Naileji

Social determinants of depression among human imuno-deficiency virus (HIV) positive patients in Karachi, Pakistan, Sahreen Siraj Nathani

Head teacher’s uptake of continuous professional development activities in school leadership: a case of school health and reading program in Uganda, Bariyo Nelson

An exploration of the factors that contribute to low students’ performance in physics: a case of a public secondary school in Embu Country, Kenya, Samson Murithi Ngiru

Prevalence of significant liver fibrosis in patients with HIV monoinfection compared to those with HIV-hepatitis b coinfection as assessed by shear wave elastography, Samuel Nguku

Exploring the impact of Maths anxiety on students’ cognitive engagement, Timothy Mugendi Njagi

Comparison of cardiometabolic risk profile between HIV patients on art and those who are art naïve, Erick Kimani Njenga