Theses/Dissertations from 2016

Exploring the leadership practices of effective teacher leaders at a private and a public secondary school in Giltgit-Baltistan, Riaz Hussain

Nature of engagement of secondary school leaders in curriculum planning and decision making in the mountainous rural areas of Pakistan, Riaz Hussain

Exlporing the contributions of school management committee in one of the learning resource schools in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, while implementing educational development and improvement program, Ijaz

Exploring the perceptions of secondary schools science teachers about nature of science, Shabina Jabeen

Role of public private partnership in the provisin of safe drinking water in Gilgit : a qualitative exploratory study, Sultana Jabeen

Parents’ preference: O-levels, SSC or AKU-EB for their children in Karachi, Rahila Jeddy

Experiences of hearing impaired learners in assessment, Jenniffer Jeptepkeny


Prevalence of Bladder Dysfunction in Children with Primary Nocturnal Enuresis Presenting to the Hospital, Nikita Pravin Jethwa


The Diagnostic Accuracy Of Determine™ Tb Lam Antigen in Detection of Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis (EPTB), Fatimah Osman Juma


Vitamin D Levels in Black African Adults at the Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi, Elizabeth Muringa Kagotho

Exploring pupils’ reading abilities of texts written in English as a foreign language: a case of the teaching and learning of English in a low resource primary school in Mtwara municipal, Hassan B. Kandoro

Quality of life of adult sickle cell disease patients in Karachi, Pakistan, Hina Nizar Karim

Exploration of students‟ perceptions on the teaching strategies in the chemistry classroom: a case study of one public secondary school in Jinja district- Uganda, Ajiga Swale Kelili

Studying principal’s practices of encouraging students’ active participation in the management of a private secondary school in Gilgit-Baltistan, Abdul Wali Khan

Exploring English Language Teachers' (ELTs') professional development in Pakistan: Cases from Hunza and Karachi, Fatima Sherbaz Khan

University students as socially responsible leaders: Lessons from a mixed-methods study in Gitgit-Baltistan, Haider Wali Khan

Occupational health and safety gaps in current standards and their implementation in textile industries of Karachi, Pakistan - an exploratory study, Mir Baz Khan

Exploring the perceptions of graduate students about formative feedback strategies on their written assignments at higher education, Sherif Ullah Khan

Pesticides use and impaired lung function among male agricultural farmers in rural Sindh, Pakistan, Zahid Ali Khowaja

Utilization of multimodality in the teaching and learning of poetry-a case of a public school in Taita-Taveta County, Kenya, Margaret Kikech


Association between Immediate Postnatal Anaemia and Risk of Developing Postpartum Depression at the Aga Khan University Hospital: A Cohort Study, John Ndungu Kimani


The Impact of the introduction of the Pecarn Head CT Rules on the utilisation of Head Ct Scans for Children with Mild Head Injury at The Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi., Isaac Oluoch Kobe

An exploration of teachers' own classroom assessment with reference to the framework of AKU EB assessment and students' perceptions of teachers' assessment and examination board assessment, Imran Ahmed Larik

An investigation of assessment for learning practice in pre-primary classrooms in Tanzania, Violet Leonard

The influence of head teachers’ predominant leadership styles on students’ learning in public primary schools in Sianda zone Kisumu Kenya: a case of Kasigu primary school, Okong'o Stephen Lugare

Exploring transfer of teachers’ learning from a continuing professional education mathematics to their teaching, Naila Mashroof


Residents’ Perception on the Need for Clinical Leadership Training at The Aga Khan University, Nairobi, Lance Mayabi

Factors associated with pain and its management after cardiac surgery in a tertiary care hospital of Karachi, Pakistan, Sineer Micah

Exploring teachers' performance appraisal system using Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Shah Izat Mir

Determinants and outcome of oesophageal caustic stricture interventions among children at French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children, Kabul, Afghanistan, Dunya Moghul

Development & validation of an assessment instrument for direct observation of laboratory skills (DOLS) for hamatology residency programme, Bushra Moiz

Maternal newborn outcome of community midwives (CMWS) services in Pakistan: a retrospective analysis of management information system (MIS), Kiran Mubeen

Provision of early childhood education in the era of devolution in Kenya: A case of two ece centers in Machakos County, Kenya., Francis Musyoka Mululu

Exploring pedagogical factors in early years literacy development in Mombasa island sub-County: the case of Tawakal primary school, Julia Kavata Munyasya

Exploring how the use of pedagogy of play enhances children’s learning: a case study of two pre-primary schools in Stesheni, Nachingwea, Athman Hassan Mushi

Exploring community primary teachers’ experiences in the generalist based teaching subject allocations. The case of two schools in Newala Urban, Ahmad Awadh Mussa

Exploring performance based assessment task development practices of tutors: a case of a technical and vocational education and training institute in coastal Kenya, Gertrude Kiloko Musyoka


Sonographic estimation of the prevalence of Hepatic Steatosis in HIV Monoinfected patients at Aga Khan University Nairobi., Bernadette Wambui Muthee


Effect of Additional Lumbosacral Corset on the Outcome of Patients with Non-Specific Acute Low Back Pain at The Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Stanley Aruyaru Mwenda


Risk factors, Clinico-Pathologic Characteristics and Outcomes in Young Kenyan Female Patients with Breast Cancer in AKUH-N, Gilford Mutwiri Mwikamba

Parents' perceptions and practices regarding childhood diarrhea management in rural Thatta, Sindh, Mohammad Naeem

Investigating the instructional strategies teachers use in teaching reading comprehension: a case of a public secondary school in Luwero district, Uganda, Racheal Nakazinga

Enhancing the Use of Teaching and Learning Materials to Promote Numeracy in Preschools in Rural Areas in Uganda., Alice Namutamba

The difference in impact of direct versus interfacility transfers in predicting 30 day mortality among adult road traffic crash victims presenting to the ED settings of three tertiary care hospitals in Karachi, Maleeha Naseem

Influence of in-house professional development on practices of English language teachers in a private school in Karachi, Pakistan, Hina Nasiruddin

Level of readiness of the public school teachers in introducing students learning outcomes based assessment for grade V board level examination in Gilgit-Baltistan (Gilgit Region), Takht Nazar

Exploring the experinces of secondary students in using the scientific calculator as a tool for learning mathematics: a case of a secondary school in Rachuonyo south sub-County, Kenya, Edith Owano Ndong'a

Exploration of teachers practices in implementation of competence based curriculum in teaching English language; a case of Nachingwea district., Deogratius Ndunguru

Exploration of teachers practices in implementation of competence based curriculum in teaching English language; a case of Nachingwea district., Deogratius Ndunguru

An investigation of deputy principals practices in managing students discipline; a case of a public secondary school in Voi sub County, Kenya, Boniface Munuve Ngungi

Association of consanguineous marriages and congenital heart defects among children in Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, French Medical Institute for Children and Amiri Medical Complex, Kabul Afghanistan, Khalil Ahmad Niazy

Exploring student-mothers’ schooling experiences on return to secondary school: a case of a public secondary school in Mombasa County: research, Fridah Mukani Njeru

Exploring mathematics teachers’ practices in supporting learners with mathematical learning difficulties: (a case of a public secondary school in Bungoma county-Kenya), Clotilda Nafula Nyongesa

Exploring the implementation of mother tongue as a medium of instruction in lower primary school. A case of a rural public school in Rarieda sub-County, Kenya, Elias Okello Okal


Association of 24-32wk maternal triglyceride levels and neonatal birth weight at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Demetrius Mududa Omondi


Effect of low-dose ketamine versus fentanyl on attenuating the haemodynamic response to laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation in patients undergoing general anaesthesia at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Angela Ongewe


Factors that Influence Advance Directives Completion amongst Terminally Ill Patients at AKUHN, Stephen Omondi Otieno

Pharmacological basis for the medicinal use of flaxseed (LINUM USITATISIMUM) in inflammatory bowel disease, Amber Hanif Palla

Stress coping strategies used by teachers in a private education system, Gitgit-Baltistan, Abida Parveen

Exploring practices of novice head teachers in teacher management in two primary schools in Koboko district, Uganda, Afedra Paschal

Learners‟ conceptual understanding and misconceptions of fractions in primary schools in Amuria district local government, Uganda, Erumu Simon Peter

Investigating the impact of SESEMAT program on teaching of biology at o-level in Uganda: a case of two secondary schools in Arua district, Anziku Debo Phanuel

Exploring the efficacy of school and community based literacy intervention programmes: A case of literacy development and learning outcomes in low resource environments, Anyanzo John Philip

Perceptions and practices of early years teachers about how associative play supports the cognitive development of children (3-4 years), Aliza Sadruddin Pidhani

The use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in teaching and learning advanced mathematics in southern Tanzanian secondary schools: a case of one secondary school, Noel Ponera

Female and male mentors' views and practices about gender equality, Poonam

Comparison between contrast reduction versus open-surgery for the treatment of intussusception among children at French Medical Institute for Children, Afghanistan, Shirazuddin Quraishi

Supporting English reading development in four year old children through storytelling: An action research, Rehana

Exploring the effectiveness of teachers’ use of descriptive feedback in the teaching and learning of English language: A case of a selected secondary school in Luwero district, central Uganda, Akwang John Robert

To study the effect of project based learning on English language writing skills of grade 8 students, Rozina

Outcomes of extracorporeal induced destruction of urinary tract stones by shock waves lithotripsy and its associated factors among patients at French Medical Institute for Children (FMIC), Afghanistan, Jawed Salami

The association of body composition with quality of life in adult patients with end stage renal disease on hemodialysis visiting a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, Sobiya Sawani

Microorganisms causing urinary tract infection (UTI) & their susceptibility among children aged 0 to 5 years at French Medical Institute for Children, Kabul Afghanistan, Jalil Ahmad Sestani

Social studies' teachers' perceptions and practices of peace education: An exploratory case study from Chitral, Noor Shamsuddin

Causes of neonatal mortality and its predictors at French Medical Institute for Children in Kabul, Afghanistan, Ahmad Jawed Sidiqi


Prevalence of Hepatic Steatosis as Diagnosed on Unenhanced Abdominal CT, Naushad H. Karim Sokwalla

The readiness of rural government secondary schools in Uganda to teach information and communication technology (ICT) as a dedicated subject on the curriculum: A case study of two schools in Yumbe district, Baiga Solomon

Exploring the factors affecting quality of neonatal care services at a secondary level public hospital in Karachi, Pakistan : an exploratory mixed method study, Noureen Abdul Sultan Somani

An exploratory study of grade 10 students' perspectives on making learning of biology effective, Rozina Sultana


Outcomes in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes at The Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Mohamed Hasham Varwani

Exploring factors influencing grade-level reading proficiency among the hearing impaired learners: a case of a public primary school in Kiambu County, Kenya, Kuria Jennifer Wanjiru


Effect of Laryngeal Mask Airway Manometry on Post-operative Sore Throat in spontaneously breathing Adult Patients presenting for Surgery at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, David Njoroge Waruingi

Association of dental caries and asthma among 12-15 years old children studying at 5 private schools of Karachi, Pakistan : a cross sectional study, Wajeeha Zahid

Perceived quality and factors influencing quality of mental health services at primary healthcare level in Kabul, Afghanistan. a qualitative exploratory study, Mohammad Ismail Zubair

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Implementation of needle stick injury prevention guidelines in tertiary healthcare settings of Karachi, Pakistan, Haris Ahmad

Psychosocial factors associated with deliberate self-harm in adult patients presenting to tertiary care hospitals in Afghanistan: a matched case-control study, Mohammad Akbar


Diagnostic Utility of WHO Defined Sepsis Syndromic Criteria with Procalcitonin in Identification of Sepsis in Children with Suspected Infections, Samuel Owuor Akech

Exploring the efficiency of educational games in improving grade VI students’ achievement in selected science concepts on Science Achievement Test (SAT), Kiran Qasim Ali

Teaching social issues through drama method : A collaborative action research study from Karachi, Pakistan, Naina Hassan Ali

Exploring teachers' leadership activities in the classroom : A case of two private school teachers in Gilgit-Baltistan, Qurban Ali

Predictive validity of uniform entrance test to select health professional : a psychometric study at a private university, Rahila Ali

The process of task delegation through motivation : Case study of a private school in Karachi, Shahnaz Zulfiqar Ali

Exploring policy and practice of ICT integration in English language teaching in a secondary school, Zualfiqar Ali

Inter-professional education : faculty's perceptions in a private University, Karachi, Pakistan, Ali Nasir Saad Alsbinati

Investigating how assessment contributes to learning during English language lessons in a secondary school in kenya, Diana Ong'ayo Amunga

Exploring and comparing classroom practices of CBMP trained and non trained primary school English language teachers of Sindh, Mushtaq Ahmed Ansari

The effect of teachers’ qualification on children’s learning outcome in early childhood education in northern Uganda, Brenda Apeta

Adaptation and validation of recent life changes questionnaire (RLCQ) to measure stress among urban adult population of Karachi, Pakistan, Azmina Abdulsultan Artani

Exploring experiences of married Pakistani women, first two years post Mastectomy at tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, Laila Aslam

Exploring grade 10 students' English reading comprehension performance in Gilgit city : Comparison across gender, school system and parental qualification, Attaullah