Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Facilitating teacher's understanding and practice of constructivist notion of teaching and learning: A focus on soliciting students prior knowledge, Nazir Ahmed Bulbul

Understanding the teaching and learning practice: A case of working across paradigm(s), Amina Davlatshoeva

Developing an understanding and the teaching for citizenship in the social studies classroom, Cassandra Fernandes

Developing students' understanding of the nature of science through specially designed hands-on activities, Ali Ahmed Jan

Construction of scientific knowledge through scientific language, Tayib Jan

Exploring the contribution of mentoring in improving teaching and learning, Toichubek B. Kalov

The possibilities of sustaining Community of Practice (COP) in selected schools in Karachi, Nabeela Kanwal

Teachers' beliefs and practices observed in inclusive classes: A case study, Gyagenda Khamis

Follow-up support for graduates of AKU-IED's Visiting Teachers Program in their school contexts, Farman Nisa Mir Khan

A study of principal's role as an effective educational leader, Safdar Khan

The learning and practising the notion of child rights in a lower secondary classroom, Umme-E-Laila Feroz Ladhani

Impact on headteacher's role perceptions and professional practice of the certificate in education management, Northern Areas of Pakistan, Naureen Madhani

Facilitating a teacher through reflective practice, Sadbarg Mirova

Enhancing teacher's classroom practice through Teachers' Resource Centres (TRC), Moshi Musa Mmanywa

The role of Professional Development teachers (PDT) in whole school development programme, Mussa Kassim Mohamed

Helping teacher to develop students' reading comprehension skills, Shamim Abdul Rahim Moledina

The need for teachers' to adopt different strategies in order to include children with behavioral programmes more effectively, Zafreen Zuhra Musavi

Improving classroom practice through curriculum enrichment, Saltanat Nasim

Networking of Professional Development Teachers (PDT): Processes, successes and challenges, Rehana Naz

Developing students' speaking skills in a multilingual classroom, Shahnaz Sadruddin

A study of the role of principal in promoting team learning in school development, Taighoon Shah

Women teachers as professional learners in the interior of Sindh, Cecilia Jawed Shaikh

Teaching social studies as an integrated subject, Naureen Masood Siddiqui

Student's conceptual understanding of chemical change, Qamar Fatima Syed

Working collaboratively with a mathematics teacher to develop an understanding of discussion-based teaching, Naheed Zia

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

The use of materials resources in teaching mathematics in primary classroom, Nakhat Abdulofizov

Challenges and possibilities of PDTs’ diverse roles and responsibilities, Karam Ali

Perceptions of the stakeholders in the government education system about the role of professional development teachers, Zulfiqar Ali

Towards inclusive education in a developing country context: Teachers' opinions about how they can better support children with special needs who are already present in mainstream school, Antipas Joseph Chale

A study of the possibilities and challenges of mentoring, Kamel Haque

System based Visiting Teachers Programme: Major processes and their outcomes, Farah Huma

Stakeholders' views on professional development and supplementing face-to-face teacher education with internet based teacher education, Syed Tahir Hussain

Facilitating social studies teachers in enriching the curriculum: Possibilities and challenges, Rahat Joldoshalieva

Use of “observation skills” as a teaching/learning strategy in primary science classroom, Nazia Khanam

Mentoring primary school mathematics teachers in the classrooms, Haji Karim Khan

Developing students' writing skills through feedback, Hazar Mohammad Khan

Teachers' and management understanding and practices of teamwork in school, Mohammad Khan

Head teachers' perception about the Advanced Diploma in School Management (ADISM), Shah Azam Khan

Primary teachers' understanding of biodiversity, Sultan Ali Khan

The nature of involvement of ADISM graduate as head teachers in providing professional support to the teachers, Zubaida Khanum

Facilitating social studies teachers to develop intellectual resources to teach for critical thinking, Mukobe Bugonzi Margaret

Community mobilization on benefits of primary education and its impact on students' academic performance stakeholders perspective, Mussa Juma Mzee

Exploring teachers' views and experiences of English grammar teaching in private secondary schools in Karachi, Jypargul Osmonbaeva

Current practices of teachers' performance appraisal: A case study of a community-based school, Firdous Jahan Qadri

School improvement program: A case study, Nadeemuddin Qureshi

Use of portfolio as a tool for assessing on-going development of students writing skills, Marzia Rashidi

Implementing a problem solving strategy in teaching mathematics in lower secondary classes in a private school, Musoke Samuel

Teacher educators perceptions of the existing instructional strategies in pre-service teacher education, Naghmana Sardar

The role of PDTs in novice teachers' professional development, Khorazmisho Shabolov

Inquiry - based science teaching: An action research study, Sadia Siraj

The role of school headteacher in empowering teachers: A case study, Naomi V. Swai

The role of discussions in the students' learning of mathematics, Muhammad Yusuf

Theses/Dissertations from 2000

A study of head teacher's role in managing financial resources, Kishwar Abdulalishoev

Influence of the secondary science professional development program on teachers’ beliefs, Sajjad Ahmed

Enabling a mathematics teacher to teach for conceptual understanding, Munira Amir Ali

How can teachers' questioning techniques enhance students' mathematical understanding in a classroom, Nasim Ara

Teaching of listening skills in primary classes in Pakistan, Abduljon Azizulloev

Enriching the teaching of grammar in a government primary school context, Fazal-ur-Rehman

Pathways to teachers' professional development, Tukahirwa Fred

Reading difficulties in children, Meenaz Shams Hashwani

The impact of cooperative learning on two visiting teachers: A case study, Manzoor Hussain

A study of a school's professional development activities with particular reference to the role of the principal in ensuring effective professional development, Amir Ishmatov

Relating the teaching of mathematics to pupils' daily life experiences, Abdul Jahan

How can a teacher learn to teach science more effectively with the help of the revised textbook?, Ismat Jehan

What are the policies and practices of maintaining discipline in a private secondary school in Karachi, Pakistan, Ismail Khan

A study on reflective teaching of mathematics in the Pakistani context, Julis Raphael Kingu

Promoting student-student interaction in large ESL primary government school classes of Pakistan, Sajida Mehdi

The enhancement of primary students’ participation in science through teacher’s questioning, Mehrunnisa

A study of how English is taught in government schools in Karachi, Rashida Yousuf Memon

Exploring a teacher's ways of dealing with children with disruptive behavior in a primary school, Anisa Wali Muhammad

Techniques for developing process writing skills in English as Second Language (ESL) classrooms, Khusfuner Murtaza

Developing reading skills of primary children in government school, Salma Naheed

A study of dynamics of stakeholders' participation in school management, Wachira Nicholas

The withdrawn children and their classroom participation: An exploratory case study, Ruth Ombonya Otienoh

Teaching and learning primary school science through the medium of English in Pakistan, Karim Panah

Promoting moral values in the social studies classroom, Mohammad Rahim

What makes a community-based school good in terms of practices involvement and participation?, Adina Shah

Impact of the Advanced Diploma in English Language Teaching (ADELT) program on two government school teachers' classroom practices, Saima Zareen

Organizing group work in primary science classrooms, Erum Zehra

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Meeting the needs of students with learning difficulties: A case study, Evelyn Awino Abungu

Improving the education of children with special needs, Brenda Isabel Coelho

Implementation of an integrated curriculum, Maria Josephine David

Exploring the transition from M.Ed. graduate to Professional Development Teacher, Hakim Elnazar

Creating a collaborative school development plan, Muhammad Nadim Farooqi

The impact of subject specialist teacher program on teachers' classroom practices, Nighat Fatima

Study of the elementary mathematics curriculum of class 7 as implemented, Ashfaq Hussain

The effect of teacher performance appraisal on teachers' beliefs, practices and attitudes, Bahadur Al iKhan

Constructivism in learning mathematics: Students' and teacher's difficulties, Jamaludin

A constructivist approach to the teaching and learning of science, Amina Karim Kanjee

The impact of IED's certificate in education management programme on two educational officers, Farasat Mumtaz Khan

Study of the perception of government school head teachers about the role of Professional Development Teachers, Nadeem Asghar Kirmani

Exploring changes in teachers thinking during a mathematics VT program, Safina Lakha

A study of the impact of the mentoring process on primary teachers professional development in District Lasbella, Balochistan, Firdous Ali Sadruddin H. Lalwani

The use of students' prior knowledge in science teaching, Abdul Hameed Lone

Study of head teachers' management practices: A comparative perspective, Kunduz Maksutova

The impact of social studies visiting teacher programme on teachers' perceptions and classroom practices, Parveen Mehboob Ali Mankeia

Teaching mathematics for relational understanding, Raheela Mir

Teachers' alternate conceptions about the concept of physical changes in terms of particulate nature of matter, Ghazala Mursaleen

Students’ questioning in a primary science classroom, Sadia Muzaffar

The relationship between classroom environment and students’ speaking skills in a foreign language at the elementary level, Sodatova Davlatbegim Ogoevna