Theses/Dissertations from 2020

Exploring reflections of a private education board`s mission of a equity in policy and practice : A case study of two schools, Gillian Ann Dsouza


The needs at 48 hours of immediate family members of patients admitted to the intensive care unit at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Maalim Fahad

Enabling a science teacher to teach online, Ridah Feroz


Ethical decision-making in the digital age: the case of graphic images in Kenyan print and online newspapers, Patrick Gathara

Exploring student teachers` self-reported experiences and perceptions about practicum in B.ED (HONS) : A survey study from the province of Sindh, Muhammad Hafeez

Exploring perceptions of teachers' readiness to implement national ECE curriculum in the context of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, through the stakeholders' perspectives, Asad Hisham

Teachers’ attitudes about career education in middle grades in context of Northern Sindh, Pakistan, Zahid Hussain

An investigation on the causes of student’s poor performance of bookkeeping subject in form four national examinations: a case of Ubungo Municipal Council, Mshindo Idd

The perceptions of the newly recruited public school teachers about inclusive education in Northern Sindh, Ghazanfar Iqbal


Barriers to timely disclosure of HIV serostatus: a qualitative study at care and treatment centres in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, NEELAM AKBER ISMAIL


The clinicodemographic profile of multiple sclerosis at Aga Khan University Hospital (Nairobi), Imran Jamal

“Classroom practices of primary school teachers of english: examining the potential application of post method pedagogy in Kenya”, Karanja Paul Kabogo


Challenges of implementing convergence in Kenyan newsrooms: a case of The Standard Group PLC, Julian Wanjiru Kamau

An assessment of the role of clinical supervision in improving the quality of teaching: a case study of a secondary school in Kilifi north sub-county, Kenya, Hurriet Riziki Karani

Exploring the facilitating and hindering factors in enacting school management committee’s school improvement roles in Gilgit-Baltistan., Aziz Karim

Exploring processes and issues of implementing performance assessment in grade 7th science classroom of Karachi, Pakistan, Noorani Karim Jindani

Exploring perceptions of teachers about accelerated curriculum and their teaching practices in non-formal basic education setting in two districts of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, Imran Khan

An exploratory study on the perceptions of science teachers about the use of videos in science classroom at primary level in private schools in Gilgit., Jamila Muhammad Ajab Khan

Teaching mathematics for social justice : An action research study, Shagufta Sojhro Khan

Understanding how a school principal and teachers work together to implement project-based learning and other practices to help their students acquire the 21st century skills in a private school in Karachi, Pakistan, Shahida Hassan Khan


A changing profession: examining newsroom roles and skills in the digital age, Kenfrey Mwenda Kiberenge

The effects of streaming secondary school students according to their academic performance in Hai District, Kilimanjaro, Tunzoely Kikaho

Exploring the influence of language teachers’ experiences of learning language on their teaching practices, Paul Mwangi Kinutha


Long term health related quality of life following Uterine Fibroid Embolization at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Michael Muthoka Kioko


Analysis of terminal duct lobular unit involution in luminal, her-2enriched and triple negative breast cancer subtypes, Joseph Nyaguti Kiwinga


Validation of Kiswahili version of world health organization quality of life-HIV bref questionnaire among people living with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania., NURU ABDALLAH KONDO

Secondary School Students’ Use of Smartphones: what can we learn about Learners’ Devices to Improve Learning?, Idd Kasanda Kwiligwa


Assessment of activity levels and perceived barriers or facilitators to physical activity in pregnancy at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya, Zoya Virji Lalani


Association between dialysate sodium concentration and interdialytic weight gain in patients undergoing twice weekly haemodialysis, Soraiya Manji

An action research on reading comprehension development at kindergarten level using interactive read-aloud strategy by providing in-service training to teachers, Lubaina Maryam


Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin d levels in children with mild and severe atopic asthma, Rhoda Ndinda Masaku


Prevalence and factors associated to incidental prostate carcinoma among patients undergoing turp for benign prostatic enlargement., Isaac Herman Mawalla


The burden of urinary incontinence among African diabetic and non-diabetic women seeking care at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Martin Kimemia Mbuthia

Investigating the effect of assessment feedback on student's learning and performance in mathematics: a case of two community secondary schools in Moshi Municipality, Tanzania, Alex Mlemba


Perceptions of surgeons on surgical antibiotic prophylaxis use at aga khan hospital, Dar es Salaam., Elizabeth Elibariki Mmari

A document analysis of the implementation of competency-based curriculum: investigating the role of head teachers in Kenya., Patience Wabosha Mnengwa


Knowledge of inhaler use among medical officers in the management of asthma in children in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, Hannah Moore


Utility of glasgow-blatchford scoring system in identification of low risk patients with upper gastrointestinal bleeding in emergency departments in Dar es salaam hospitals, Tanzania, Selestin D. Mpiri

Exploring teachers’ formative assessment practices in improving biology learning and performance: a case of selected community secondary school in Moshi Municpality, Beatitude Jackson Mrema


Timing and factors that contribute to the decision making process on the mode of delivery after one previous casearean section., Sylvia Nyanyu Mruttu


Profile of cardiac arrhythmia in acute stroke patients, Julius Stephen Nkhondeya Msukuya


Online audience as gatekeepers: the influence of web analytics on content selection in Kenya’s top five news websites, Joel Mulonzi Muinde


Breast cancer recurrence rate in patients treated for early breast cancer, Cecilia Munguti

Improving argumentation skills and content knowledge of grade-ix students through socio-scientific issues-based science teaching: A quasi-experiment research in Karachi, Pakistan, Uzma Munir


Von Willebrand disease among women of African descent attending the Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi, with menorrhagia, Angela Nabutilu Munoko

Exploring parents’ perceptions about their preschool child’s learning and development and their role to support it in the context of Pakistan, Anum Malik Murad Ali Kheraj


Local anaesthetic wound infusion versus thoracic epidural analgesia for post-operative pain control following elective laparotomy: a randomised controlled trial, Daniel Gathege Mwangi


Discordance between breast imaging and histopathology findings after ultrasound guided core needle biopsy, Margaret Mutinda Mwania


Outcomes of inpatients hospitalized with community acquired pneumonia, Jamila Nambafu

Mathematics teachers’ preparedness to teach in a virtual classroom: focus on COVID-19 impact on education, Jemimah Wangui Ng'ang'a


The Power of Satire: an analysis of Gado’s Cartoons in The Standard newspapers, Kenneth Kipruto Ng'etich


Coverage of the Big Four Agenda in the Daily Nation and The Standard newspapers in Kenya, John Kuru Ngirachu


Referral patterns affecting age at orchidopexy for undescended testis at a tertiary hospital in Nairobi., Muthua Ken Njoroge


Burnout among medical residents; their impressions of its impact on patient care and coping mechanisms, Elizabeth Ochola


Self-censorship and Journalism practice in mainstream media in Kenya, James Odhiambo Okong'o


Online audience feedback and media accountability in Kenya’s mainstream media, Ann Adhiambo Okumu

Examining the integration of information and communication technology by chemistry teachers in Ndhiwa Sub-County, Kenya, David Omondi Olela

Exploring quality classroom questioning as practiced by teachers in the teaching and learning process: a case of a secondary school in Siaya, Kenya., Samwel Ojode Oluoch

Factors contributing to female students underperformance in mathematics for secondary schools: a case study of Kasulu District., Charles Oman

An exploration of the use of spoken english in diploma teacher education colleges: a case of southern highlands zone of Tanzania, Rizick Onani


Opportunities digital technologies present for women in media: multi-case study of newsrooms in Kenya, Faith P. Oneya


Newspaper’s quest for survival in the era of digital disruption: the case of the Daily Nation, Dave Oluoch Opiyo

Mathematical symbolization: students’ proficiency in using symbols, Peter Okoth Oyoo

Graphic organisers (GOs) as a reading strategy to improve reading comprehension skills of grade 6 students in a government school of district Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan, Rajeesh Parshotam

Roles of the school management committees in supporting teaching and learning in early childhood classes of budde sub-county, Butambala District, Uganda, Tabu Paul

Association between depression and quality of lift among Pakistani adolescents and youth (15-24 years) with self-reported polycystic ovarian syndrome- A web-based analytical cross-sectional survey, Ghazal Peerwani


Evaluation for association between maternal microbiota and development of necrotizing enterocolitis or gram-negative bacteremia in preterm infants, Mei Chi Quek

MUCH1-XBP1 crosstalk in multiple myeloma, Sheerien Kareem Rajput


Case study describing access to palliative care in Pakistan, Salma Amin Rattani

A case study of grades 7 and 8 English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers’ practices of questioning, Abdul Rehman

Enhancing English Language speaking skills through using communicative language teaching to boost secondary school students’ motivation to speak, Noorani Abdul Rehman

Teachers’ use of formative assessment in teaching reading comprehension in the transition class in Moyo sub-county, Moyo District., Kinyaa Ayia Rfina

Expression analysis and prognostic significance of androgen receptor and cancer stem cell markers in invasive breast cancer with emphasis on metaplastic carcinoma, Nazia eauthor Riaz

Mobile application for summative assessment of language literacies in primary education in Tanzania, Musa Saimon


Occult hepatitis b virus infection in a cohort of HIV infected antiretroviral therapy naïve adults, Adil Suleiman Salyani


Comparison of staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage by patients and healthcare workers in selected dialysis centers in Nairobi and neighbouring counties, Enock Serem

The relationship b/w physics teachers’ subject content knowledge, awareness of students’ alternative conceptions & their teaching approaches to address students’ alternative conceptions of electric circuit concepts : A multiple case study from IBA-CCs of Sindh, Attaullah Shamsuddin

Combining strain elastography with conventional ultrasound to improve the diagnostic evaluation of thyroid nodules, Faraaz R. Shariff


Effect of UNMASKES on Delivering Difficult News among Residents, Karishma Sharma

In-house instructional materials development at a private, English medium school in Karachi : A case study, Javeria Shamim Siraj

Parents perception of early childhood education: a case study of Mahango a rural sub-county in Kasese District-Uganda, Eria Sukutha

Determinants of pathological response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in women with breast cancer in Kenya, Ngayu Munga Thairu

Investigating classroom practices: development of learners’ social and emotional oracy skills. a case of one secondary school in Iringa District – Tanzania, Joel Wang'uba

Head teachers’ views of instructional leadership: a case study of four primary school head teachers in Kitgum Municipal Council, Uganda, Olanya Michael West

Exploring the self-efficacy beliefs of trainee teachers of an English Language programme in a private setting in GB, Malika Zahra

Teachers’ contextual experiences about the application of ICT resources in teaching and learning in a private secondary school in Karachi, Aneela Zaidi

Theses/Dissertations from 2019

Challenges and opportunities for formulation and implementation of a pharmacovigilance policy in Pakistan- A qualitative descriptive study, Nazish Abbas


Eligibility and patient barriers to peritoneal dialysis in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease, Saleem Mohamed Abdulkarim


Factors associated with cardiac dysfunction following anthracyline-based chemotherapy in adults in a tertiary hospital in Nairobi, Joseph Odunga Abuodha

Using discussion as a teaching technique to improve learners oral communication skills in english language lessons: a case of a rural public school in Homa Bay County, Kenya, Linet Adhiambo Agele

Exploring the school stakeholders’ understanding and knowledge about Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and its application in improving management functions: A comparative study in the urban context, Sadia Akhtar

Factors associated with secondary caries among adult aged 18-64-year old visiting dental teaching hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan: A cross-sectional study, Anum Ali

Cost of motorcycle crash victims at a public tertiary healthcare Facility in Karachi, Pakistan: A cross-sectional study/, Asrar Ali

Culture and teacher professional development : Exploring male and female mentors’ and mentees’ experiences of professional development in the Baltistan Region of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, Shujaat Ali

Exploring the early childhood education teachers’ and grade I teachers’ perceptions regarding school readiness for children’s transition to primary school : A quantitative study in the context of private schools in Karachi, Zehra Shabbir Ali

Oral health status of chemotherapy patients, subjected to additional oral hygiene instruction at a tertiary care hospital in Karachi Pakistan: Per-post design, Mashal Amin

Exploring the roles of teacher leaders in promoting school improvement: A Case of one government-aided primary school in kitgum district, Uganda, Obita Amos

Is there an association between placental inflammatory lesions and vaginal microbiota in preterm labour? A case control study, David Ogechi Atandi


Is there an association between placental inflammatory lesions and vaginal microbiota in preterm labour? a case control study, David Ogechi Atandi

Is there an association between placental inflammatory lesions and vaginal microbiota in preterm labour? A case control study, David Ogechi Atandi