Theses/Dissertations from 1995

Working with teachers to explore a constructivist philosophy of knowledge and learning in the mathematics classroom, Fatima Ali

Story telling in the primary urdu classroom: An innovative approach, Gulsamber Begum

Classroom action research and teacher development, Abbas Chembere

Implementing cooperative learning in classrooms in Pakistan: Problems and possibilities, Bernadette Louise Dean

When teachers become learners: Learning the use of talk in the mathematics classroom, Anjum Halai

The retention of girls in school in Pakistan, Farah Imam

A study of cooperative learning as an alternative instructional approach in science teaching: A perspective of teachers and students, Shahida Jawed

Studying mathematical discussion through the work of other teachers, Pancras Khatta

Exploring concept mapping as an approach to science teaching in lower secondary school in Pakistan, Rakhshinda Meher

The impact of mentoring on teachers’ understanding of learning and teaching mathematics, Yasmin Mehta

The impact of innovative pedagogy on teachers’ thinking and action: A case study of working with two teachers of mathematics, Razia Fakir Mohammad

Innovation in practicals, Saeed Nasim

A study of classroom culture and school innovation, Iffat Nayyar

Controversy as a strategy for teaching social studies, Sarfaroz Niyozov

Encouraging students involvement in English language classroom, Fatima Abdul Rahim

A study of errors and the impact of mentoring to improve the present situation: A perspective of teachers and students, Khaleda Rahman

A study of the implementation of the communicative approach to English language teaching in lower secondary classes, Noor Muhammad Sheikh

A study of the management of group work in some primary classrooms in Pakistan, Zeenat Siraj

A study of the causes of students' conceptual problems in learning Algebra, Muhammad Zahid