Theses/Dissertations from 2020


Ethical decision-making in the digital age: the case of graphic images in Kenyan print and online newspapers, Patrick Gathara


Challenges of implementing convergence in Kenyan newsrooms: a case of The Standard Group PLC, Julian Wanjiru Kamau


A changing profession: examining newsroom roles and skills in the digital age, Kenfrey Mwenda Kiberenge


Online audience as gatekeepers: the influence of web analytics on content selection in Kenya’s top five news websites, Joel Mulonzi Muinde


The Power of Satire: an analysis of Gado’s Cartoons in The Standard newspapers, Kenneth Kipruto Ng'etich


Coverage of the Big Four Agenda in the Daily Nation and The Standard newspapers in Kenya, John Kuru Ngirachu


Self-censorship and Journalism practice in mainstream media in Kenya, James Odhiambo Okong'o


Online audience feedback and media accountability in Kenya’s mainstream media, Ann Adhiambo Okumu


Opportunities digital technologies present for women in media: multi-case study of newsrooms in Kenya, Faith P. Oneya


Newspaper’s quest for survival in the era of digital disruption: the case of the Daily Nation, Dave Oluoch Opiyo

Theses/Dissertations from 2019

Eligibility and patient barriers to peritoneal dialysis in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease, Saleem Mohamed Abdulkarim

Factors associated with cardiac dysfunction following anthracyline-based chemotherapy in adults in a tertiary hospital in Nairobi, Joseph Odunga Abuodha

Exploring the school stakeholders’ understanding and knowledge about Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and its application in improving management functions: A comparative study in the urban context, Sadia Akhtar

Culture and teacher professional development : Exploring male and female mentors’ and mentees’ experiences of professional development in the Baltistan Region of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, Shujaat Ali

Exploring the early childhood education teachers’ and grade I teachers’ perceptions regarding school readiness for children’s transition to primary school : A quantitative study in the context of private schools in Karachi, Zehra Shabbir Ali

Is there an association between placental inflammatory lesions and vaginal microbiota in preterm labour? A case control study, David Ogechi Atandi

Is there an association between placental inflammatory lesions and vaginal microbiota in preterm labour? A case control study, David Ogechi Atandi

Improving students' writing skills using mind - mapping technique at primary level in a private school in Karachi, Binish

To explore how peer assessment supports learning experiences and outcomes in social studies of grade 6 and 7 : A case study of a private school in Gilgit-Baltistan, Hameed Ud Din

Role of teacher’s constructive feedback in improving grade 5 students’ writing skills in a public school in Karachi, Kaneez Fatima

Comparison of vaginal microbiota in women with spontaneous preterm labour versus those with term labour, Edgar Gulavi

Exploring the role of volunteerism in developing leadership skills amongst the youth of Ismaili Muslim Community in the context of Karachi, Pakistan, Farhan Fida Hussain

Enhancing grade 9 students' English Language speaking skills through a task based language teaching (TBLT) approach in a private secondary school in District Chitral, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Pakistan, Ali Nigah Jan

Effect of video-based information on pre-operative state trait anxiety inventory scores in adult patients presenting for elective caesarean section, Timothy Kanyeki

Understanding the grade V students’ ecological identity in Karachi and helping them in enhancing their ecological consciousness, Najmi Khatoon

Exploring the efficacy of specially designed hands-on activites using predict, observe and explain (POE) to develop conceptual understaniding of heat and temperature in grade VII students, Saliha Khatoon

Female genital mutilation and its medicalizationa qualitative study among healthcare professionals and community leaders in Kisii County, Douglas Oimeke Mariita

Patients perspective on the non-urgent use of the emergency department in Kenya, Carolyne Robai Matifary

Chronic post mastectomy pain in adult female patients at Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi, Jared Owour Mbete

Barriers to definitive hyper-acute management of stroke at a tertiary facility in Nairobi, Kenya, Caroline Wangui Mithi

Exploring secondary school students' perceptions regarding their motivation towards English Language reading in public sector schools in Punial, Gilgit-Baltistan, Afshan Nasir

The effect of saline flush after rocuronium bolus on the proportion of patients with excellent intubating conditions in adult patients undergoing elective surgery at AKUH-N, Ian Odari

The effect of premedication with Intravenous Lornoxicam on Propofol injection pain at induction of general Anaesthesia in adults: a randomised placebo-controlled trial, Dennis Omari Onyancha

Relationship between gestational diabetes and a positive depression screen, Onegarach Herbert Ozelle

Teaching mathematics (geometry) through pedagogy of STEM Education in grade 8 in a private school of District Ghotki, Sindh, Jai Parkash

Disease activity and functional status and their relation to depression in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, Joe Rosana Rakiro

Exploring students’ learning experiences shaped by the examinations conducted by a national private examination board in Pakistan, Munira Muhammad Rangwala

Investigating grade eight students' reading engagement in English language in private sector schools in Ghizer, GB, Rifat

Acceptability and adequacy of vaginal self sampling for HPV DNA testing in cervical cancer screening among women attending a tertiary hospital clinics in Nairobi Kenya, Sagal Omar Salad

Exploring the strategies used by English language teachers to teach paragraph writing skill at grade 4 in a private school in Karachi, Shahnaz

Quality of life and its determinants in subfertile patients seeking fertility care at two urban fertility Centres in Nairobi, Lawrence Makoha Sikuku

Prevalence and correlates of comorbid depression in patients with type 2 diabetes attending clinic at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Alamin Suleiman

Exploring strategies used by English language teachers for teaching formal writing in term of spellings to grade x studentss, Nighat Sultana

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

Reference intervals for prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time derived from black African blood donors at a university teaching hospital in Nairobi, Kenya, Abubakar Abdillah

A design based research for integration of online animation videos for teaching cell cycle in biology, Abdul Hadi

Long-term outcomes and factors associated with mortality among patients with moderate to severe pulmonary hypertension in Kenya, Abdulaziz Mansur Abeid

Teacher leadership practices and opportunities in Pakistani context: A mixed methods study, Sher Afzal

Exploring higher education commission's quality assurance mechanisms for assuring quality in higher education at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sohail Ahmad

Hope or hype - public private partnership for the development of education in Sindh, Pakistan, Nazeer Ahmed

Exploring experiences of key stakeholders of the new BEd (Hons) elementary programme in a public sector university and a government elementary college of education in Karachi, Pakistan, Barkat Ali

Unearthing literacy conceptions of middle school students: A qualitative exploration, Komal Waqar Ali

Exploring English language teachers' classroom assessment practices of class VIII in Larkano, Sindh, Rashid Ali

Exploring the efficacy of specially designed hands-on activities to develop conceptual understanding of the scientific method for middle school science teachers, Sumaira Ali

Policy, procedures and head teachers leadership approaches for teacher motivation, Muhammad Amin

Use of animated videos to enhance grade V students' conceptual understanding of an abstract topic of science, Muhammad Bashir

Enhancing grade vii students' conceptual understanding of mathematical content 'Area' by using manipulatives, Khushan Begum

Exploring teachers' experiences of a blended teacher professional development programme in Karachi, Pakistan, Shehnaz Bhutto

Prevalence and Factors associated with Female Sexual Dysfunction amongst Women using Hormonal and Non-Hormonal Contraception at The Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi Clinics, Momin Butt

Evaluation of Breast Cancer Biomarkers using Genexpert® on Core Biopsy-A Retrospective Laboratory Based Validation Study., Erick Chesori

Secondary school teachers' conceptual understanding about selected concepts of genetics: An exploratory study from Baltistan, Annes Fatima

A Randomized control trial of English-speaking advanced cancer patients at AKUs medical and surgical clinics and the impact on QOL of one session of Dignity Therapy, Miriam Gatehi-Muriithi

Exploring the experiences of principals in managing the area of Early Childhood Development (ECD) provisions in the context of Karachi, Pakistan, Sabir Hussain

Exploring pre-service teachers' motivation for joining the teaching profession in Karachi, Pakistan, Nida Ijaz

Effects of teacher empowerment strategies on teachers' motivations: A phenomenological study in a private secondary school system Karachi, Pakistan, Sitara Jabeen

Assessment of patient satisfaction with primary health care at the Family Medicine Centre of Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Alvin M. Juma

Factors associated with substance use among adolescents living with HIV in Kenya, Wambui Kagucia

Exploring teachers' feedback practices to enhance learning outcomes of students studying in grade V social studies classrooms of two public elementary schools located in Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan, Arman Karim

School practices to reduce student absenteeism: A case of a boys' public secondary school in District Tando Allahyar, Sindh, Khalidah

Understanding education faculty members' (EFMs) experiences and perspectives on the B.Ed. Honors programme at a public international university (PIU) in Northern Pakistan, Abdul Wali Khan

An Exploratory case study of public-private partnership in education : A case from Karachi Pakistan, Khushal Khan

Exploring how English language teachers develop reading comprehension skills of grade 5 students in a private school in Karachi, Pakistan, Mirbaz Ali Khan

Exploring perceptions and practices of teachers about inclusion on students with special educational needs (SEN) : A case study of a private inclusive school in Karachi, Yasmeen Khan

Association of tissue Vitamin D Receptor expression with Breast Cancer Molecular Subtypes in Kenyan Women, Mutambuki Kimondo

Exploring mothers' perceptions of the role of play in early childhood development (4 to 6 years old) in the context of upper Chitral, Pakistan, Kirran

Determining the level of agreement for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk stratification between coronary artery calcium score and traditional cardiovascular risk models., Menge Kuria

Investigating MPM-III, sofa and delta sofa scoring systems as predictors of mortality at a tertiary hospital in Nairobi, Kenya: a retrospective cohort study, Lilian Lukoko

Improving performance appraisal practices to foster professional development of teachers, Najia Maqsood

Factors associated with development of retinopathy of prematurity in three private tertiary hospitals in Kenya, Annette A. Metho

Teachers' experiences and practices of developing teaching portfolios: An exploratory study, Samira Din Mohammad

Developing students' conceptual understanding and reasoning skills of geometrical proofs through integrating geogebra software in grade 10 in a private higher secondary school situated in Chitral, Pakistan, Noor Muhammad

Factors associated with late diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease in Kenya, Mercy Chebet Ng’eno-Owino

Contribution of Central Asia institute higher secondary school in promoting girls' education in Immit (Ishkoman), Gilgit-Baltistan, Bibi Bulbul Niaz

Role of parental involvement in secondary education, Shamsun Nisa

Women and maternal health care providers’ perceptions, beliefs and attitudes towards use of Epidural Analgesia for labour pain relief, Stella Njenga

Comparison of Xpert Mtb/Rif with Histology for the Detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded Tissues at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Njau Allan Njoroge

Prevalence of metastatic disease in newly diagnosed breast cancer patients as seen on contrast enhanced computed tomography of the chest, abdomen and pelvis at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi., Gregory Obala

Difference in the level of utilization and determinants of preconception care among pregnant women in Aga Khan University Hospital and Maragua level four hospital., Joan Okemo

Two to nine year Review of Breast Conservation Therapy (BCT) for Breast Carcinoma: Clinico-Pathological features and Survival in a Single Centre in East Africa, George Orerah

Access or beyond access? Unpacking gender and gender equity in Gilgit-Baltistan eduacation strategy, Nasira Parveen

Acinetobacter infections: a retrospective study to determine in – hospital mortality rate and clinical factors associated with mortality, Rajiv Patel

A comparison of caesarean section rates before and after introduction of free maternity services at Maragua Level IV Hospital, Grace Rwamba

Enhancing English language speaking skills through boosting motivation, using task-based instruction (TBI) with an elementary students group studying in a government school in Ghizer, Gilgit District, Sadia

A follow-up exploration of the implementation of teachers' learning after professional development programme in Early Childhood Education (ECE): A case study, Salima

Leadership and community mobilization for education access to marginalized communities : The case of an NGO in Sindh, Pakistan, Amjad Ali Shah

Cultural diversity in a public sector university of Pakistan : Exploring students' perceptions and experiences, Fardad Ali Shah

Exploring perceptions and practices of school principals about the use of appraisal data in two private schools of Karachi, Muhammad Aslam Shah

Students' transition from middle to high school: Challenges and effects, Syed Alamgir Shah

Community engagement in one of the private schools in upper Chitral, Khyberpakhtunkhawa, Pakistan, Syed Sarwar Ali Shah

Perceptions and practices of Assistant Sub-Divisional Education Officer about their role in improving teaching learning : An exploratory study from Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhhwa, Zafar Wali Shah

Role of technology in the enhancement of English language speaking skills of high school students of Gojal, Gilgit Baltistan, Ghazala Sifat