Theses/Dissertations from 2012

Exploring distributed leadership practices and their influence on teaching and learning in a Kenyan Primary Teachers’ College, Chiuri P. Ndiritu

Leading with a difference: Facilitating inclusive practices in a private school in Karachi, a case study, Fatima Obaid

Accuracy of interim radiology resident CT reports given during on call hours in a competency based radiology training program, Stephen O. Ojwang

Students’ perceptions of their self-efficacy in mathematics in a public school in Kenya, Dennis Ouma Olare

Exploring teacher leadership development in a public secondary school in Uganda, Stepher Olukor

Exploring peer assessment: practices and views of ESL learners, Debra Atieno Onono

Developing strategic plan of a community school in Karachi, Pakistan, Saniya Sultan Ali Panjwani

Facilitating the story writing skills of students using pictures in an English Language Classroom, Shama Raiz

Exploring experiences of midwives practicing midwifery led care in the Aga Khan Hospital women and children (Garden and Kharadar), Zulekha Rattani

Exploring barriers and financial factors for maternal and newborn health service utilization: a comparision between areas served dy contracted and non-contracted rural health centres in the selected districts of Pakistan, Atif Riaz

Educational inequalities and perceptions of students’ life chances : A critical ethnographic account of an elite and a non-elite school in Gilgit-Baltistan, Hajee Parveen Roy

Improving teachers performance appraisal through participatory action research, Dado Khan Sabir

Association between breast feeding and childhood obesity among school-going children (5-16 years of age) in Karachi, Pakistan, Saima Abdul Aziz Sachwani

The use of ICT in mathematics teachers’ practice in secondary schools in Tanzania, Veronica Sarungi

The role of inspectors in providing supportive supervision to teachers in the implementation of the thematic curriculum: a case study of a school in Uganda, Ntalagi Peter Serunjogi

Understanding inquiry teaching in a biology classroom at the secondary level in a private school in Karachi, Dinar Shah

Exploring quality of mental health services in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, Sayed Mehraban Shah

Transition of students from arithmetic to algebra, Sulaiman Shah

Enhancing students understanding of chemical bonding through inquiry - based teaching, Shujauddin

Exploring mathematics teachers’ feedback on learners’ errors: insights from a secondary school classrooms in Kenya, Kennedy Namasake Simiyu

Dengue fever Igg sero-prevalence and associated factors in apparently healthy population age 15 To 60 years in South Kordofan State, Sudan 2012, Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Soghaier

The influence of head-teacher’s leadership practices on ensuring students’ retention through school feeding programme: a case of a community secondary school in Moshi rural district, Iddi Swalehe

Quality of life with lmyphedema : post breast cancer patients in Karachi, Pakistan, Humaira Yasmin Waheed

Smasse trained science teachers’ address of gender issues in classrooms, Kamau Esther Wambui

Prevalence and risk indicators for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children at the Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi, Susan Wamithi

Schools’ engagement in strategic planning: a comparative study, Christine N. Wanjala

Student teachers’ use of self-assessment in learning mathematics in primary teachers’ colleges in Kampala District, Uganda, Richard B. Wanzala

Secondary students' attitude towards environment issues, Anisa Yousuf

Career decision making : career episodes of four postgraduate students in a private university in Karachi, Pakistan, Kiran Zubair

Theses/Dissertations from 2011

Teaching industrial chemistry concepts, through activity theory approach for relevance at secondary school in Karachi, Zaheer Abbas

Exploring students and teachers beliefs about student leadership and how educational processes foster or hinder the development of student leadership skills in two private secondary schools of Karachi, Pakistan, Arif Abrahim

Head teacher induction: the experiences of two head teachers in community secondary school, Tanzania, Shaibu Mada Afeli


Effects of hypo and iso - tonic intravenous maintenance fluids on plasma sodium level in hospitalized children. a double blind randomized clinical trial, Ismail Ahmed

Investigating teachers' experiences as learners in a distance education program, Isabella Apiyo Aila

A case study of non-formal education for children in an IDP camp in an emergency situation in the province of Sindh, Nasreen Alam

Exploring the beliefs and practices that contribute to youth leadership development in a private higher secondary school in Karachi, Pakistan, Muhammad Ali

Assessment of medical surgical nurses shift handover practices at a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Nazbano Ahmed Ali

Practices of an educational institute in promoting ethnic diversity, Nidah Hassan Ali

Factors associated with prehospital delay in acute coronary syndrome, among men and women in Karachi, Pakistan, Saleema Allana

Role of HEC in promoting and facilitating educational research in Pakistani universities, Karim Aman

Investigating mathematics teachers’ knowledge about mathematics, mathematics teaching and learning in schools in Pakistan, Munira Amirali


Comparison of wavelet compressed MRI cineloop images versus originally acquired non-modified MRI images for detection of brain lesions, Patrice K. Anangwe

Adopting gender responsive pedagogy: an action research, Christine Anditi

A comparative study of teaching methods of social studies techers in two secondary schools in Karachi, Pakistan, Murad Baig

Exploring the use of ICT in supporting teaching and learning of reading and writing skills for children with hearing impairment in an inclusive school in Karachi, Pakistan, Aniqa Bano

Exploring views of teachers and students of shishket school about their post disaster teaching and learning experiences, Doulat Begum

The computer and the teaching of Oracy: an action research, Arunga Benn

Perceptions of women head teachers experiences of attending professional development programs, Fida Bibi


The impact of a multimodal approach to pre-emptive analgesia on postoperative pain and analgesic requirements for patients undergoing orthopaedic lower limb surgery at The Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi: a single blind randomised controlled trial, John M. Bugo

Perceptions and practices of critical thinking amongst faculty of nursing, medicine, and education discipline in Karachi, Pakistan, Shanaz Hussein Cassum

Exploring the metaphoric notions of educational leadership in the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Gobind Ram Chelani

Role of teachers professional capacity building in enhancing school as a learning community, Farzana Damani

Planned and practiced curriculum implementation in two government primary schools in a rural province of Afghanistan, Ehsamuddin Dilawar

Planned and practiced curriculum implementation in two government primary schools in a rural province of Afghanistan, Ehsamuddin Dilawar


Hepatitis B vaccination rate and determining factors amongst health care workers at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Herman Ekea


Stratification of white matter hyperintensities in young and middle age adults using Hydrogen Magnetic Resonance (H-MR) spectroscopy, M’mene E. Elvis

Factors affecting compliance with standard precautions among nursing and allied health staff at a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Farah Naz Farid

Gender relationships in village gayal: An exploration of unexplored, Abdul Ghafar

Exploring accelerated learning curriculum implementation in a private school in Kabul, Afghanistan, Syed Bashir Hussaini

Exploring secondary school students' conceptual understanding of selected concepts of genetics, Mumtaz Hussain

The effects of poverty on children's experiences of school in two public secondary schools of Balochistan, Shahid Hussain

Knowledge, practices and perfection of meddle-aged women about breast self-examination in aswan, Egypt, Hanan Hussanien

Impact of thermal and chemical stress on sulfolobus solfactaricus P2 genome and components of transcription apparatus, Junaid Iqbal

Ascerting the effectiveness of community integrated management of childhood and neonatal illness (C-IMNCI) through assessing mothers` knowledge and practice and exploring perceptions of the C-IMNCI trained lady health workers in District Quetta, Rakhshanda Ishaque

Exploring metaphors of teachers practices and perceptions for assessing creative writing skills, Rehana Jaffer

Gestational weight gain and term intrauterine growth restriction: a hospital based prospective cohort study, Wajiha Javed


The influence of depression on adherence to antiretroviral therapy among HIV infected patients at Aga Khan University Hospital (Nairobi), Evelyn W. Karanja-Mbugua

Exploring the perceptions and practices of college principals in managing government degree colleges in Sindh, Pakistan, Amir Gul Katohar


Prevalence of postpartum depression using the edinburgh postpartum depression scale at The Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Warfa Khadija

Secondary school students attitudes towards mathematics, Abdul Khaliq Khan

Secondary school mathematics teachers conceptions regarding assessment, Abid Ali Khan

Exploring the sources of personal visions of educational leaders and how their visions reflect in their leadership practices, Bashir Ahmed Khan

The role of supervisors in implementing educational policies at school level, Mohammad Nawaz Khan

Competency assessment of oncology nurses in chemotherapy administration at the army hospital Rawalpindi, Pakistan : an inventional study, Najma Khan

Exploring headteachers perceptions and strategies of dealing with staff conflicts at the secondary schools in a rural context of Gojal, Gilgit-Baltistan, Rahim Khan

Exploring the influence of PDCN's in-service programme (child friendly school project) on classroom practices of government primary school science teachers in Gilgit-Baltistan, Surraya Khan

Use of calculator in primary mathematics classroom in rural Sindh, Rafique Ahmed Khatti

The role of the head teacher in teacher evaluation: a case of a public secondary school in Kenya, Annplosa Njeri Kinuthia

School based supervision for enhancing the process of teaching and learning: a case of a rural secondary school in Taita district in Kenya, Robinson Muema Kinyanjui


Prevalence of genital chlamydia infection in urban women of reproductive age, Ruchika Kohli-Kochhar

School leaders' perceptions of clinical supervision: a case study of a Kenyan secondary school, Carolyne Adhiambo Kokeyo

Language use in a science classroom: a case of form one science classes in a public secondary school in Tanzania, Jamila Khalifa Kova

Perceptions of IDP children and regular school children of class seven about schooling in emergency situations: Case studies from Kashmore, Ghulam Murtaza Langah

Headteachers' leadership practices in improving students' learning processes: a case of pastoralist community secondary school in Monduli District Tanzania, Christopher Sabas Malamsha

Teachers as social workers during emergency situation (floods of 2010): A case study of teachers role in an IDP camp at Sukkur, Pakistan, Asadullah Mangi

A randomised controlled trial investigating the effect of adding fentanyl to low dose bupivacaine in combined spinal-epidural anaesthesia, using epidural volume extension technique in caesarean section, Mudola V. Manyano

Novice tutor induction practice in a government teacher training college in Tanzania, Arceno Mapii


The Prevalence and factors associated with nonadherence with ARV treatment and cotrimoxazole preventive therapy among HIV infected adolescents attending out-patient HIV clinics in Kenya, Reson Marima

The influence of school inspection on teaching: a case of a public secondary school in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, MaryGoreth Anthony Massao

Teacher poetry: views and instructional practices of ESL teachers in a public secondary school in Kenya, Priscillar Mlingi Massawe

The implementation of workplace professional development programs in teaching: a case of a government diploma teachers college in Tanzania, Elitha Alphonce Mbedule

Teachers perceptions about children with learning disabilities in main stream classroom in a private school of Karachi, Pakistan, Syed Javed Mehdi


A randomized-controlled trial of steroid injection in the management of plantar fasciitis at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Abdi H. Mohamed

Integrating ICT in financial management: a case of a secondary school in Tanzania, Francis Mutie Muema

Teaching mathematics for relational understanding at lower secondary school level in rural Pakistan, Afzal Muhammad

An exploration into the preparation of science and mathematics teachers for ICT- integration into teaching and learning in secondary schools: a case of an inset program in Kenya., Rose Atieno Mutende


The use of MCV and MCH to screen for iron deficiency in pregnancy among women with normal haemoglobin values, Charles M. Muteshi

Exploring perception and practices of deputy district officers as educational leaders in the context of Balochistan, Pakistan, Aamir Naeem

Investigating development of literacy and social skills among Kenyan pre-school children for school readiness, Joyce Namunyak

Action songs as a manifestation of multimodality for learning new vocabulary, Nazish Naseeruddin