Theses/Dissertations from 2013

Barriers in utilization of harm reduction services for HIV/AID prevention among injecting drug users in Karachi : a qualitative study exploring users and management perspectives, Abdul Latif

Clinical and lifestyle determinants of asymptomatic intracranial atherosclerotic disease in adults undergoing MRI at two tertiary care centers in Karachi, Pakistan, Farzin Majeed

Promoting the “notion of cultural diversity” in grade XII students in a government college Sukkur, Sindh, Kamran Malik

Exploring current questioning practice in a mathematics classroom: A case of a public primary school in Uganda, Gad Masiko

The role of suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS1 and SOCS3) molecules in determining severity of tuberculosis infection, Kiran Iqbal Masood

Exploring the relationship between mathematics anxiety and mathematics achievement of grade 10 students across gender in single gendered government secondary schools in District Khairpur Mirs’, Sindh, Kalander Bux Memon

Effect of a voice recognition system on paediatric outpatient medication errors, Angela Nyangore Migowa

Exploring the experiences of community midwives (CMWs) regarding their Department in District Matyari, Sindh, Pakistan, Yasmeen Jan Mohammad

Uterine fibroid embolization for symptomatic fibroids; correlation of mid-term changes in disease-specific symptoms and magnetic resonance imaging results at a teaching hospital in Kenya, John Kiprop Mutai

Fostering critical thinking in English classrooms in a secondary school in Kenya, Ginorah Zighe Mwamburi

Meeting the in-service education and training needs of Mathematics teachers: Lessons from the SMASE programme in Kenya, Francis Kamau Mwangi

Exploring the level of integration of ICT in teaching of science in Taita Taveta County, Kenya, Johnes Mwashushe Mwaruma

Leadership practices in early years education: A case study of a private school head teacher in Chitral, Bibi Amina Nigar

Decentralization of teacher management in Kenya, Lydia Wangari Njake

Exploration of the factors that contribute to few girls choosing to study physics in a secondary school in Kenya, Esther Lucyline Nkatha

Primary antiretroviral drug resistance profiles among HIV-1 therapy naïve patients in two referral hospitals in Kenya, Simon Onsongo Nyangena

The role of the headteacher in teacher professional development: A case of public primary school in Kenya, Jacqueline Namulunda Odanga

Teachers' experiences of supporting students who are struggling to learn science: A phenomenological inquiry, Michael Osoo Ogola

Understanding novice teachers' perception of the concept of teacher leadership in Kenya: An exploration study in four secondary schools, Elijah Ogoti Ongarora

A randomized control trial to assess the effect of aketamineinfusion on tourniquet hypertension during General anaesthesia in patients undergoing upper and lower limb surgery, Joyce Atieno Ongaya

Teachers' practices in handling learners with dyslexia in inclusive classroom in a Kenyan primary school, Milka Auma Oyucho

The effect of individualized patient education with emotional support by a nurse on the quality of life (QoL) of breast cancer patients, Sehrish Pirani

Awareness about hepatitis C and patterns of health seeking behavior among hepatitis C patients in Karachi, Pakistan, Shahina Pirani

Prostate specific antigen as a risk factor for skeletal metastases in black African men with prostate cancer, Ayman Mahmood Qureshi

Exploring the perceptions of community midwives (CMWS) about their work experiences after deployment in the rural areas of Chitral, Pakistan, Mehtab Qutbuddin

Exploring the art of nursing among bedside nurses working in an tertiatry care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, Shirin Akbar Rajan

Genetic diversity, drug resistance patterns and indicators of disease severity in Plasmodium vivax clinical isolates from Southern Pakistan, Afsheen Raza

Building teacher leadership capacity: Appreciative inquiry in action, Mehboob Ali Shah

Low uptake of modern contraceptives : perspectives of service providers and end users of lady health worker program in Karachi, Pakistan :, Nasim Zahid Shah

Inculcating aspects of fluency and appropriacy for enhancement of oral communication skills through Task-Based Instruction (TBI), Sayed Dilshad Hussain Shah

Improving students' English reading comprehension skills through Reciprocal Teaching Approach (RTA), Syed Afiat Shah

Exploring successes and challenges in implementing AKU-EB based portfolio assessment in lower secondary schools situated in Karachi, Syed Anwar Ali Shah

Exploring science teachers' experiences of teaching science with limited laboratory resources: A case study of community secondary school in Lindi, Tanzania, Mohamed Mbarouk Suleiman

Validation of the ottawa ankle rules at a tertiary teaching hospital: a cross-sectional study, Mark Karanja Tharao

Integrating videos in the teaching of Kiswahili proverbs in a secondary school in Kenya: An action research, David Gitau Turuthi

Expression of mismatch repair proteins in colorectal cancer at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Charles M. Wahome

Foot dimensions as a tool for gender determination in Kenyan adults, Maureen W. Waithaka

Exploring teachers' and students’ experiences about the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in teaching and learning science, Kousar Khush Wali

Exploring how teacher preparation pedagogies impact student teachers' teaching practice experiences: A case of a public secondary school in Kenya, Judith Khayechia Widava

Exploring how teacher preparation pedagogies impact student teachers' teaching practice experiences: A case of a public secondary school in Kenya, Judith Khayechia Widava

Role of Aga Khan Examination Board (AKU-EB) in improving teaching and learning in schools: A case study, Sumbul Yezdan

Exploring the experiences of the appraisers and the appraisees about performance appraisal, Muhammad Yousaf

Association of obesity and occupational factors with infertility in Pakistani men seeking treatment at an infertility centre in Karachi_Pakistan : a case control study, Nida Zahid

The nature of the beast called clinical supervision : needs assessment of clinical supervision in Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME), Aga Khan University, Tabassum Zehra

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

Enhancing ESL learners’ reading comprehension through the reading strategy of prediction, Monica Ahabwe

An exploration of novice teachers’ experiences in public secondary schools, Uganda, Rose Akullo

Improving English oral communication skills of grades-6 students in public school Karachi, Pakistan, Qutbi Alam

Exploring male and female headteachers views and practices of discipline and disciplinary measures in the secondary schools, Shamim Ara Jan Alam

Understanding the role of principal in transforming school into a learning organisation: A case of a private sector school in Karachi, Zahra Alidad

Representation of ethnic/religious minorities in social studies curriculum: Implications for education for pluralism, Karam Ali Kashif Ali

Vaginal discharge and women's sexual health : a qualitative study in Karachi, Pakistan, Nausheen Salim Ghulam Ali

Exploring the role of electronic media in augmenting oral communication skills: Acase study of secondary level students in the context of District Shikarpur, Tarique Ali

Frequency and association of cytokine gene polymorphisms in tuberculosis disease sussceptibility and severity, Ambreen Ansari

Perinatal women's perceptions about midwifery led model of care in secondary care hospitals Karachi, Pakistan, Shahnaz Anwar

Learners’ experiences and perceptions of learning in a large English as a second language class, in a public secondary school in Kenya., Maua Beatrice Aoka

Inquiry based teaching through drama in science education: An action research approach, Salima Shahzad Arwani

Association between geographic access to working family planning centres an unintended pregnancies among married women in district Thatta : a nested case control study, Sumera Aziz

Immunophenotyping of chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma at Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi, Evelyne N. M. Babu

Medication errors at a tertiary care hospital underlying factors and health care professional experiences, Shirin Badruddin

Exploring the contribution of teaching and learning processes to the construction of students gender identity in early years classroom of two government primary schools in Karachi, Pakistan, Amina Bibi Baig

Assessment of dietary compliances among patients with type diabetes mellitus receiving text message (SMS) reminder : a randomized control trial, Gulshan Bano

Developing number sense in young children through collaborative action research, Noor Bano

Exploring the use of the science laboratory in science Teaching: a case of a secondary school in Kenya, Peter Kibet Chemjor

Exploring classroom based assessment strategies to assess reading skills of young learners, Shaheena Sadruddin Daewani

The use of effective questioning to enhance students active participation in a Grade - XI chemistry classroom of a Government Degree College in the rural district of Jacobabad, Mahmood Ahmed Dool

Quality of written feedback and its perception by graduate students in a private university Karachi, Pakistan, Lubna Ghazal

Validation of youth physical activity questionnaire (YPAQ) against actigraph GT3X accelerometer among preadolescents and adolescents in urban setting of Karachi, Pakistan, Shiraz Hashmi

Enquiry - based teaching: Heart of critical thinking, Rehmat Hasil

Exploration of how school leaders without formal leadership preparation experience leadership, Saleh Mbarouk Hemed

Assessing the quality of care for victims of motorcycle injuries: a case study in the tertiary care private and public hospitals of Karachi, Maryam Huda

Lead detoxifying effects of ascorbic acid among school going adolescents of Karachi: a cluster randomized control trail, Muhammad Ilyas

Exploratory study of a principal's teachnology (ICT) leadership practices in the rural context of Pakistan, Abdul Qadir Jan

Classroom interactions and the construction of students gender identity in a private primary school, Hamida Jessa

The role of head of school in fostering school-community partnership for enhancement of students academic performance: A case of community secondary school, in Tanzania, Sospeter Suleiman Kamunyila

Molecular epidemiology and deletion analysis of mycobacterium tuberculosis strains associated with pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis, Akbar Abdul Rasool Kanji

What makes a school a model school? A comparative study of management practices in two schools, Abdullah Khan

Facilitating students creative writing (story writing) in English through 'fields trips', Bahadur Khan

Facilitating creative writing (story writing) in English using concrete materials, Jamiat Khan

Causes of English teachers turnover and its effects on students learning, Omidullah Khawary

Perceptions of hope among individuals suffering from schizophrenia in Karachi, Pakistan, Sami Khokhar

Effects of unconditional cash transfer status on maternal neonatal and child health service utilization among low-income households in Matiari, Sindh: a cross-sectional study, Atiya Hussain Khowaja

Influence of secondary school students’ prior conceptions on learning outcomes: a case of HIV and AIDS education in a Secondary school in Kenya, Grace Wanjiru Kimotho

Teachers’ views of how external school supervision influence their practices, Henry K. Kioli

Tracing spaces of knower's autonomy for knowledge construction in International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, Raheel Tajuddin Lakhani

Prevalence, reasons, and consequences of pre-marriage disclosure or concealment of epilepsy disorder in the marital lives of women in Karachi, Pakistan, Erum Abdul Majeed Lalwani

Implementation of the policy on ICT integration in teaching and learning : a case of a public teachers’ college in Tanzania, Elisei Emili Lubuva

The effect of use of a structured data collection form on the accuracy of diagnosing causes of acute abdominal pain, Winston Makanga

Diagnostic accuracy of a commercial cross priming amplification diagnostic kit in smear negative sputum, Paul M. Makau

A randomised controlled trial comparing haemodynamic stability in elderly patients undergoing spinal anaesthesia at L5,S1 versus spinal anaesthesia at L3,4 at The Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Karen N. Mbaya

The effect of Aga Khan University’s Examination Board on school curriculum of a private school in Karachi, Pakistan: A case study, Rozina Asif Merchant

An exploration of the changing experiences in learning mathematics during transition of students from primary to secondary school in private school in Karachi, Pakistan, Shehnaz Bibi Samad Mir

The role of head teacher in supporting teachers to facilitate academic transition of learners from primary to secondary school, Shakila Omari Mkwazu

Impact of intracranial pressure monitoring on mortality in severe head injury at The Aga Khan University Hospital and The Nairobi Hospital, Abdirahaman N. Mohamed

Instructional supervision: an exploratory study of teachers’ and school leaders’ perceptions of effective instructional supervision, Kaggwa William Muganga

Investigating ESL teachers’ classroom based assessment practices in a secondary school in Kenya, Grace Mukiru

School principal as a strategic leader: A case-study of a private sector school in District Chitral in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (KPK) Pakistan, Hussain Murad

A study of how secondary school head teachers monitor and evaluate teachers in their own schools, Charles Muhoro Murigu

Universal versus selective risk factor-based screening strategy for gestational diabetes mellitus, Francis G. Muriithi

A prospective characterization of postpartum changes in uterine fibroid volume among black African women, Christine W. Murungi

Expression patterns of P53 and HER2/NEU in primary ovarian carcinomas, Anderson Peter Mutuiri