Theses/Dissertations from 2016

The readiness of rural government secondary schools in Uganda to teach information and communication technology (ICT) as a dedicated subject on the curriculum: A case study of two schools in Yumbe district, Baiga Solomon

Exploring the factors affecting quality of neonatal care services at a secondary level public hospital in Karachi, Pakistan : an exploratory mixed method study, Noureen Abdul Sultan Somani

An exploratory study of grade 10 students' perspectives on making learning of biology effective, Rozina Sultana


Outcomes in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes at The Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Mohamed Hasham Varwani

Exploring factors influencing grade-level reading proficiency among the hearing impaired learners: a case of a public primary school in Kiambu County, Kenya, Kuria Jennifer Wanjiru


Effect of Laryngeal Mask Airway Manometry on Post-operative Sore Throat in spontaneously breathing Adult Patients presenting for Surgery at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, David Njoroge Waruingi

Association of dental caries and asthma among 12-15 years old children studying at 5 private schools of Karachi, Pakistan : a cross sectional study, Wajeeha Zahid

Perceived quality and factors influencing quality of mental health services at primary healthcare level in Kabul, Afghanistan. a qualitative exploratory study, Mohammad Ismail Zubair

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Implementation of needle stick injury prevention guidelines in tertiary healthcare settings of Karachi, Pakistan, Haris Ahmad

Psychosocial factors associated with deliberate self-harm in adult patients presenting to tertiary care hospitals in Afghanistan: a matched case-control study, Mohammad Akbar


Diagnostic Utility of WHO Defined Sepsis Syndromic Criteria with Procalcitonin in Identification of Sepsis in Children with Suspected Infections, Samuel Owuor Akech

Exploring the efficiency of educational games in improving grade VI students’ achievement in selected science concepts on Science Achievement Test (SAT), Kiran Qasim Ali

Teaching social issues through drama method : A collaborative action research study from Karachi, Pakistan, Naina Hassan Ali

Exploring teachers' leadership activities in the classroom : A case of two private school teachers in Gilgit-Baltistan, Qurban Ali

Predictive validity of uniform entrance test to select health professional : a psychometric study at a private university, Rahila Ali

The process of task delegation through motivation : Case study of a private school in Karachi, Shahnaz Zulfiqar Ali

Exploring policy and practice of ICT integration in English language teaching in a secondary school, Zualfiqar Ali

Inter-professional education : faculty's perceptions in a private University, Karachi, Pakistan, Ali Nasir Saad Alsbinati

Investigating how assessment contributes to learning during English language lessons in a secondary school in kenya, Diana Ong'ayo Amunga

Exploring and comparing classroom practices of CBMP trained and non trained primary school English language teachers of Sindh, Mushtaq Ahmed Ansari

The effect of teachers’ qualification on children’s learning outcome in early childhood education in northern Uganda, Brenda Apeta

Adaptation and validation of recent life changes questionnaire (RLCQ) to measure stress among urban adult population of Karachi, Pakistan, Azmina Abdulsultan Artani

Exploring experiences of married Pakistani women, first two years post Mastectomy at tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, Laila Aslam

Exploring grade 10 students' English reading comprehension performance in Gilgit city : Comparison across gender, school system and parental qualification, Attaullah

Quality of life and its determinants in adult cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment in Karachi, Pakistan, Parveen Badruddin

Understanding gender equality/inequality in a school : Experiences and voices of female and male students of grade six and seven, Shahnaz Barkat

Exploring the influence of in-house professional development on the perceptions and practices of secondary English language teachers in two private schools of ABC organization in GB Pakistan, Samina Begum

Perinatal neonatal and maternal outcomes of women attended by midwives at health centers in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, Nawroz Bibi

Association of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with unintentional injuries among children age 4-11 years : hospital based matched case control study, Dr Hasana Bilal

Exploring the experiences of elderly people who are brought to live shelter homes in Karachi, Pakistan, Laila Akber Cassum

Analysis of factors that influence the implementation of work plans in primary schools in uganda., Ochwo Jawacho David

An exploration of the implementation of continuous assessment in Mathemetics education at primary teachers’ colleges in Uganda, Kirabo Esther

Perceptions of the use of indigenous languages pedagogy to facilitate citizenship education in multicultural countries, Bagegulira Faizal

Exploring practices of English language teachers in teaching English at middle level in a public school of Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan, Alia Fehmi


Effect of diabetes self-management education on glycemic control, compared to usual care in Type 2 diabetic patients at the Family Medicine Clinic, Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi, Catherine Wanjiku Gathu

Body image perception and attitudes towards lifestyle interventions among obese pregnant women in Nairobi, Kenya, Ingrid Helweg Gichere

Experiences of the breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy at public hospital Peshawar, Pakistan, Gulzar Habibullah

The effects of instructional supervision on professional development: perception of public primary school teachers in Arua municipality, Uganda, Angucia Holdah

Creating professional learning community through appreciative inquiry approach, Hina Abdul Majeed Huda

Exploring notions of 'effective mathematics teaching' among students, teachers, and head teachers and enactment of the perceived effective teaching in the selected region of Gilgit-Baltistan, Syed Amir Hussain

Investigating teachers practices on the use of audio visual aids in teaching of English language in a public secondary school in Tanga municipality, Magnus Hyera

Exploring teachers' conceptions and practices reading written feedback in nursing school, Karachi, Pakistan, Sobia Idrees

Exploring school leaders' perceptions about children's transition from home to school in early years, Silpa Iqbal

A randomized control trial comparing train of four ratio ≥0.9 to clinical assessment of return of neuromuscular function before endotracheal extubation on critical respiratory events in adult patients undergoing elective surgery at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Adembesa Isaac

The role of schools in promoting a reading habit among the lower secondary school students in a town council in northwestern Uganda, Zubair Data Ismail

The role of written feedback in enhancing students’Mathematics learning in Tanzanian lower secondary schools: An intervention study at a lower secondary school in Bukoba municipality, Tanzania, Evodius Jackson

Experiences of breast cancer patients using external prosthesis after mastectomy in the contexts of a Pakistan society, Zohra Asif Jetha

Teachers’ provision of written formative feedback to enhance learning in a secondary school: the case of an English classroom in Uganda., Bagonza Justine

Pre-school teachers’ perceptions of children’s prior knowledge and its practice in teaching and learning: a comparative case study of 2 pre-schools in Dar es salaam, Natasha Kassam

Pre-school teachers’ perceptions of children’s prior knowledge and its practice in teaching and learning: a comparative case study of 2 pre-schools in Dar es salaam, Natasha Kassam

The Effects of dental scaling on adverse birth outcome : a randomized trial in Karachi, Pakistan, Zaubina Umar Kazi

Enhancing grade eight students’ conceptual understanding of mathematics through engaging them in problem posing in a private school in Chitral, Mukhtar Ali Khan

Does supplementary video based teaching program mild to moderate primary stroke survivors and caregivers change post stroke complications requiring medical attention - a randomized controlled trial, Adeel Khoja

Girls‟ enrollment and retention in science subjects at secondary school level from form three to form four: a case of a coeducational community secondary school in Kinondoni district-Dar es salaam, Esther Kibga

Prevalence of child abuse/maltreatment and its associated factors among children aged 11 to 17 years in community settings of Karachi, Pakistan,, Maryam Pyar Ali Sultan Ali Lakhdir


Development of a guide by postgraduate residents on receiving feedback from faculty in the operating theatre at Aga Khan University Hospital, David Karuri Maina

Influence of decentralized demand driven policy of teacher recruitment in Kinango sub county-Kenya, Kuphunza Bakari Makungu

Exploring the efficiency of concept cartoons in enhancing grade VII students’ conceptual understanding in selected science concepts, Neveen Nizar Ali Manasia

Exploration of mathematics tutors’ provision of formative feedback to student teachers: case of a government teachers’ college in Tanzania, Wambura Marwa


Prevalence of suspicious ultrasound findings in patients with mammographic focal asymmetry at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Jacqueline Ndunge Mavuti

Factors that lead to sustainability of school-feeding programs in rural community secondary schools: a case study of two secondary schools in Nachingwea district, Lindi – southern Tanzania, Yahaya Jafari Mbembe

Exploration of factors that contribute to girls’ performance in mathematics-a case of a public school in Taita-Taveta county, Kenya, Beatrice Wakio Mbogo

An investigation of primary school teachers’ ‘technological Pedagogical content knowledge’ in district Matiari, Sindh, Muneer Memon

To explore how science teachers use practical activities in a lesson: a case of a community based secondary school in western Tanzania, Madinda Mlimandoke

Exploring the attempts of a grade V mathematics teacher towards improvement in mathematical tasks' selection and implementation for developing students' conceptual understanding in a private school of Karachi, Pakistan, Nida Nooruddin Moosani

Investigating provision of feedback by chemistry teachers in facilitating learning in classroom interaction: A case of rural secondary school in north – western Uganda, Moro Moses

Grade ten students' attitude towards mathematics : A study from Ghizer, Gilgit-Baltistan, Amin Muhammad


Respiratory function amongst asymptomatic HIV positive and HIV negative clients at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Noah Kipkemei Murbiy

Improving secondary students' English essay writing skills by implementing portfolio assessment in a private school in Gilgit-Baltistan, Zeeshan Muzaffar

The role of hearing aids in the development of spoken language of the hearing impaired students: a case study of deaf learners in a special school in Nyeri county-Kenya, Oscar Gichimu Mwangi

Teachers’ practices in handling learners with visual impairments in inclusive schools in Kenya: a case study of a primary school in Embu county, Anne Wakiini Mwaniki

To explore how physics teachers use instructional materials in teaching and learning of physics in secondary schools: a case of one secondary school in Taita sub County, Kenya., Jackson Mwikamba Mwawongo

Comparison of the objective structured clinical examination scores of students with and without a structured integrated clinical skills : laboratory curriculum, Sadiq Naushaba

Validation of a motivational measure scale, and its correlation to student academic performance and self-direction, Tabassum Naveed


Ultrasound evaluation of umbilical coiling index in second trimester of gestation and its association with small for gestational age status at birth, Josephine Mwikali Ndolo


Comparison of quantitative analysis to qualitative analysis for interpretation of lower limb lymphoscintigraphy, Edward Chege Nganga


Effect of pelvic floor muscle training among pregnant black African population on the risk of postpartum urinary incontinence, a single blind randomized control trial, Samuel Ngugi

Computer simulation for teaching the structure of atoms and periodic table in secondary schools in Kenya: an action research, Ondoro Julius Okomo


Caregivers’ knowledge, perceptions and home management practices of fever in children under the age of five years presenting with acute febrile illnesses, Katherine Oyieke

Predict Observe and Explain (POE) : A teaching strategy for enhancing conceptual understanding of enzymes in grader 9 students in a private school of Karachi, Pakistan, Shukur Perver

The impact of distributed leadership on tutor, administrator relationship in primary teachers college in west Nile region in Uganda, Odua Peter

Managerial competencies and challenges of nursing leaders at public hospitals in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wais Mohammad Qarani

Barriers to higher education in nursing in Peshawar, Pakistan, Muhammad Qasim

Off-label prescribing of antipsychoric drugs in depressive disordrs in general pratitioner's settings from Karachi, Pakistan; a pilot study, Asra Qureshi

Defining characteristics of an elite private school in the context of Karachi, Mustafa Ramazan

Exploring mathematics teachers’ responses to challenges in teaching and learning of mathematics, Dadu Riaz

Effect of a navigation program on patient return after an abnormal clinical breast cancer screening examination finding at Aga khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Esther Kemunto Riogi

Proportion of ventilator associated events cases among patients of intensive care units in The Aga Khan University Hospital, Fahed Abdullah Abo Saad

Factors influencing student continuous assessment-an in-depth study of medical faculty perspectives, Saniya R. Sabzwari

Evaluating the effects of supportive care on chemotherapy patients symptoms, self care behaviors, and satisfactions, Salima Sadruddin


Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in exclusively breastfed infants at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Nusrat. A. Said

Influence of gender roles and responsibilities on family planning decisions in adults in Karachi, Pakistan, Zara Sajwani

Exploring early primary school teachers understanding of their practice to support early writing in a private school of Karachi, Saniya Muhammed Saleem

Exploring perceptions and practices of teachers in supporting educational needs of Differently Abled Children (DAC) in a mainstream school of Karachi, Pakistan, Bibi Salima

Advantages and disadvantages of boys in a government primary coeducation school : Exploring the other side of gender equality, Ghulam Muhammad Samejo

Exploring the relationship between the beliefs and practices of an English teacher in reading instruction in a private school in Karachi, Pakistan, Memona Shaheen

Knowledge and attitude regarding emergency contraceptive pills among midwives in distric Haripur, Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Abbasi Shahida


Comparison of cardiovascular risk profiles amongst newly diagnosed cancer patients and non-cancer patients at the Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi, Majid Lingani-Ncube Sikosana

Factors affecting reading culture in elementary schools of Naushahro Feroze, Amanullah Solangi

Connecting students’ learning of mathematics to their daily life experiences in Gilgit-Baltistan, Mehreen Sultana