Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Exploring the role of school leadership in transforming the school into a learning community, Shujaat Ali

Repoductive health programmes of Pakistan: stand alone or integrated, Aamir Akram Alizai

Factors influencing implementation of integrated management of neonatal and childhood illness (IMNCI) strategy at public sector primary health care facilities in Matiari district, Sindh, Nousheen Alwani

A randomized clinical trail of fissure sealant retention : self etch adhensive versus total etch adhensive, Nadia Aman

To what extent are schools participating in "elimu mjumuisho" programme in Zanzubar prepared to povide inclusive education?: A case study of one primary school in Pemba, Zanzibar, Said Khalfan Amour

Development of teacher leadership: A case study of a private school in Pakistan, Atta Mohammad Ashrafi

Assessing the knowledge skills, ability and performance of paramedical staff in delivering primary health care sevices: a case of District Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan, Sher Bahadur

Improving students' English speaking skills through interactive approach in a private lower secondary school in Karachi Pakistan, Khan Bahdar

The place of personal values in educational leadership, Sharifullah Baig

Leadership for teaching and learning: an investigation into a headteacher's practices in a private secondary school in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, Jane Balinaga


Evaluating the diagnostic performance of an initial Transvaginal Sonogram (TVS) in patients with suspected ectopic pregnancy, Zablon Bett

Prevalence of depression and it's associated factors in the elderly population of Karachi, Pakistan: a cross sectional study, Mehreen Bhamani

Improving the teaching of reading comprehension in English as a foreign language classroom in Karachi, Hafiza Bibi

Seroprevalence and risk factors for hepatitis C infection among male prisoners in Karachi, Amna Subhan Butt

School in challenging contexts: a case of a successful school in a challenging context, Paul Omedi N. Bwoga

Significance of school leadership in behaviour management of students, Shirin Nooruddin Charania

Exploring the process of progression towards senior leadership, Huzefa Dohadwala

Prevalence and corrleates of non-use of condom among red light area based female sexworkers of Lahore and Karachi role of health belief model to explain non-use of condom, Mehreen Fatima

Measuring the knowledge, skills and attitudes of grade ten students of citizenship education in government and private schools of Karachi, Pakistan, Syeda Sadia Ferhat


Cumulative incidence of post dural puncture headache following caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia at The Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi, Ednah K. Gisore

Effect of educating mothers on completion of three doses of DPT and hepatitis B vaccines among their infants in Karachi, Pakistan- a randomized controlled trail, beenish Hanif

Improving teaching of paragraph writing through participatory action research, Tabassum Fatima Hemani

The development and testing of economic skill building training modules to improve women's mental health, Saima Shams Hirani

Improving teaching through monitoring students learning in a classroom: an action research, Lydia Ethleen Idionyi

Feasibility of inquiry-based teaching in a lower secondary class (grade VII) of a government school in Karachi, Javed Iqbal

Exploring early years teachers classroom practices in two private schools in Karachi: Learning from ECED: Certificate in education programme, AKU-IED, Jamila Anwer Jan


Outcome of chronic anal fissures treated with glyceryl trinitrate at Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi, Ilkul H. Johnbosco

Exploring learners' views about their preferred learning environment: a study of students in a secondary school in Kenya, Eliud Mathu Kamau


The media and public opinion in Kenya: the impact of print media coverage of the grand coalition government, Samuel Kamau

Exploring the attitude of the head and deputy head teachers from the governments schools of Sindh and Balochistan toward using computers in education, Darvesh Karim

Exploring the possibilities of parallel leadership in a private school in Karachi: A case study, Nisar Karim

Exploring the human resource development policies and procedures in the school context, Shazia Rahim Khaimani

Inquiry teaching in mathematics classroom in a lower secondary school of Karachi, Pakistan, Abdul Wali Khan

Inquiry-Based teaching strategies employed by mathematics teachers in lower secondary classroom in Karachi, Ali Ahmad Khan

Exploring teachers' perceptions of teacher-students' interactions in inquiry-based mathematics classrooms in lower secondary schools in Karachi, Pakistan, Bahader Khan

Becoming a teacher educator in public sector institutions in Pakistan : Stories from personal and professional lives, Haji Karim Khan

Understanding how the inquiry strategy works in a physics classroom at secondary level in a Pakistani private school context, Manzoor Ali Khan

Understanding how AKES, P head teachers respond to the increasing demands of their role in the context of Northern Areas of Pakistan, Sardar Khan

Health watch framework (HWF): how effectively it is being implemented and how useful it is for monitoring and utilisation of routine health information system (HIS) data at facility, sub district and district level?, Umar Khan

Parents' perspective on school strategies for parental involvement: An exploratory case study in a community based school in Karachi, Pakistan, Wali Mohammad Khan

Exploring social studies teachers' attitude towards computers in education, Rozina Ramzan Ali Khuwaja


Utility of free to total PSA ratio in the prediction of prostate cancer in patients with intermediate total PSA levels and negative digital rectal examination, Muthoni .J .F. Kirimi

Teacher support through teachers' resource centre: a case of subject advisors in Chake District Pemba, Ali Nassor Kombo

Family centered rounds in pediatric intensive care settings at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Laila Akbar Ladak

Enhancing ESL learners' writing using the writing process approach: an action research, Beatrice Afwandi Lisutsa


Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma risk factors In a Kenyan population: a case control study, Stanley M. Machoki

Prevalence of and factors associated with underestimation of body weight among secondary school childern in Karachi, Pakistan, Sajid Mahmood

Improving the teaching of writing narratives at lower secondary level in private school of Karachi, Uzma Mateen

Conjunctival flora and conjunctivitis during first 7 days of life in babies born to mothers with prolonged labor: a prospective cohort study, Jaishri Mehraj

Teacher educators' experiences in implementing the 2007 teacher education diploma curriculum: a case study of a public teachers' college in Tanzania, Dorothy Ivor Mhaiki

Improving the practice of giving feedback on ESL learners' written compositions, Bernard Okumu Ouma Mikume

Qualitative exploratory study on science professionals' perceptions of the science curriculum in Karachi, Pakistan, Hazarat Mir

Teachers' self-evaluation of their teaching practices: a study in three secondary schools in Dar es salaam, Anna Eliewaha Mshana

Role of the principal in involving the parents in various activities of the school, Zain - ul - Muluk

A case study of blended learning at a higher education institution in East Africa, Anne Njura Munyi


The prevalence of postoperative pain following day surgery in the first 48 hours at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Gilbert Mwaka


Risk of contrast induced nephropathy in HIV patients receiving radiographic contrast at three Aga Khan Hospitals, Sitna A. Mwanzi

Factors associated with depression among elderly in Karachi Pakistan: a matched case control study, Kashmira Nanji

Students' knowledge of and attitudes towards HIV and AIDS: a case study in a rural secondary school, Asha Soud Nassor

The nature of organizational learning in a private school in the Pakistani context, Ali Nawab

Evolution of education in Hunza, the Northern Areas of Pakistan: Views of early teachers of Hunza, Aafiyat Nazar

Possibilities and constraints of mobile learning: a case study of a school leaders' in- service programme in an East African Univeristy, Symon Gachugi Ngatia

Exploring the role of the principal in facilitating students' leadership in secondary school in Karachi, Pakistan, Sahib Nigar

Teacher performance appraisal: A tool for professional development, Taj Un Nisa

Factors affecting the effectiveness of school staff meetings: a study of two high schools in Northern Kenya, Boyo Bernard Odhiambo


Median values for second-trimester maternal serum αlpha fetoprotein and human chorionic gonadotrophin (double test) at Aga Khan University Hospital-Nairobi, Nancy A. Okinda

Enhancing ESL learners' oral communication through use of discussion strategy: an action research study, Teresa Akinyi Okoth

Enhancing ESL learners' oral communication through use of dicussion strategy: an action research study, Treresa Akinyi Okoth

Teachers assessment practices during instruction in a biology classroom in Nairobi, Kenya, Makatia Apopo Olisa

The head teachers' role in school improvement: a case study of a primary school in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, Samuel Owino Oluoch

Science teachers' perceptions of the role of practical work and their influence on the teaching of secondary school science: a case study, Ambrose Ouma Omolo

Enhancing ESL learners' understanding of reading comprehension: An action research, Angela Achieng Otieno

The use of mathematics register as a reflection of conceptual understanding: an exploratory study, Nick Vincent Otuma

Exploring patterns in conceptions and enactment of democracy by secondary school teachers in Karachi, Pakistan, Karim Panah

The role of schools in raising HIV and AIDS awareness among students in public secondary school in the urban district of Zanzibar., Safia Ali Rijaal

The prevalence of Anemia and Malaria, and their association, among pregnant women attending antenatal clinics in Laghman Province, Afghanistan : a cross-sectional study, Mohammad Nadir Sahak


Use of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) to improve Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in the diagnosis of intracranial pathology, done at Aga Khan University, Joyce Sande

Factors affecting retention and motivation of doctors working in basic health units of district Abbottabad, Sayed Masoom Shah

Exploring students' responses to inquiry approach to teaching in a lower secondary science classroom, Zulfiqar Ali Shah

Exploring a principal's decision-making processes with regard to professional development of teachers, engendering a culture of professional development in the school, Abdul Sharif


The influence of antiretroviral therapy on QTc interval amongst HIV patients at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Jay Shavadia

Exploring in-charge teachers' academic and administrative experiences at religious education centres (REC) in Karachi, Sadia Iqbal Sheikh

Patients' teaching and their preparedness for discharge after a day surgery, Nuzhat Sultana

Exploring teaching practices and their influence on students' learning experiences of the English language in class 1, Umbreen Sultana

Exploring the process of teaching literature review: Possibilities and challenges, Huzefa Tawawalla


A comparative study of the genotype MTBDRplus® assay against a standard culture method for diagnosis and drug susceptibility testing of tuberculosis, Peris W. Thamaini

The practice of newly qualified teachers induction: A case study of a national secondary school in Kenya., Joseph Kennedy Karanja Thuo

Teachers' experience in enhancing active participation of the physically challenged learners in a classroom., Muchere Japheth Wanga

Universal precautions: compliance by health care workers at first level care facilities in rural areas of Swabi, in North West frontier provence of Pakistan, Muhammad Tahir Yousafzai

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Causes of low enrollment in physics in national examinations in secondary schools in Bondo district, Kenya, Okoth Dominick Adipo

Teacher leadership : Exploring islamiyat teachers' understanding of their role & their practices in leading their subject CT at a private school in Karachi, Sajad Ahmad

Investing job satisfaction of teachers in Karachi, Pakistan: A survey study, Fida Ali

Exploring practices and view of a bilingual English teacher regarding the role of first language in teaching speaking skills at the primary level, Shaukat Ali

Predictors of pregnancy loss in Afghan women presenting to tertiary care hospital-Kabul Afghanistan : case control study, Sayed Ataullah

Teachers’ perceptions of school environment in private schools of Karachi, Shamuil Badruddin

Teaching writing in ESL classrooms: Study of two Advanced Diploma in Education: English language teaching graduates practices, Abdullah Baig

Tracing the pathways: Exploring the journey of women primary school head teacher incharge teacher, Salima Rahim Baig

Pharmacological basis for the medicinal use of berberis vulgaris and bergenia ligulata in urolithiasis, Samra Bashir

Cooperative learning: Classroom based teacher support through action research., Betty Chepkirui Betts

Teacher burnout: A leadership perspective and measures to reduce it, Amynah Sadiq Bhaidani