Welcome to the department of Haematology Oncology. Our department is comprised of multiple sub-specialties with diverse faculty trained both locally and internationally, in the fields of haematology (treatment of blood disorders), oncology (treatment of cancers of solid organs), radiation therapy (treatment of various cancers using therapeutic forms of radiation), palliative care (improvement of the quality of life through symptom management, survivorship, home health services for cancer patients and multi-system holistic care). ​Our faculty, fellows and staff are committed to ensuring top notch patient-centered services and excellence in education.


Submissions from 2024


Regulatory approval of clinical trials: is it time to reinvent the wheel?, Mansoor Saleh, Karishma Sharma, Aisleen Shamshudin, Innocent Abayo, Stacey Gondi, and Noureen Karimi


Prediction of cardiovascular risk factors from retinal fundus photographs: Validation of a deep learning algorithm in a prospective non-interventional study in Kenya, Tom White, Viknesh Selvarajah, Fredrik Wolfhagen, Nils Svangård, Gayathri Mohankumar, Peter Fenici, Kathryn Rough, Nelson Onyango, Mansoor Saleh, and Innocent Abayo

Submissions from 2022


Promoting Best Practice in Cancer Care in Sub Saharan Africa, Karishma Sharma, Shahin Sayed, and Mansoor Saleh