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Conference Paper

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Quality in education: Teaching and leadership in challenging times


Professional Development Centre, Karachi


Professional Development Center, Chitral (PDCC), since its establishment in Chitral, is committed to work with its partner education providers for the improvement of quality of teaching and learning in schools. PDCC believes that effective teaching and learning in primary, acts as a foundation stone for higher education, but currently it does not happen in majority of our primary schools. Multi-grade situation in primary schools is one of the many reasons of low quality education. School Improvement in Multi-grade Situation (SIMS) was piloted in five schools aiming to improve the current Multi-grade Teaching (MGT) situation in schools. This study intended to explore some of the successes, challenges and lessons learned as a result of the SIMS intervention. The focus of the study was to asses the effectiveness of the in multi-grade situation. For gathering information a number of inquiry tools were used. For example, ongoing assessment of teachers during workshop, field visit reports(field notes) of the Professional Development Teachers (PDTs) who facilitated the teachers of pilot schools, classroom observations of teaching and learning, formal (interviews) and informal discussion with students and teachers, and teacher reflective journals. The collected data was brought together in order to develop themes. Through the comparison of the data collected from various sources, it was found that SIMS creates better teaching and learning environment in the classroom, makes school happy place for the students to be in and provides opportunity of sharing resources. However, MGT demands for both the capacity and will of all the stakeholders especially the teachers.