Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Digital Journalism (MADJ)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Peter Kimani

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Mark Briggs


Graduate School of Media and Communications


Ries (2011) and Blank (2013) documented various aspects of the Lean Startup Methodology and the principles thereof. The literature reviewed point to the need to bridge existing research gaps in the application of the principles, especially in the media industry. The main objective of this research was to establish if and how Nation Media Group - Kenya has applied the Lean Startup Methodology in product development and the effects on the company’s performance. The research was qualitative in nature, with data being collected through interviewing key informers, as well as document analysis. The study established that Nation Media Group preferred elaborate business plans to experimentation in their product development process. In cases where there was attempts at experimentation, they were not robust enough. Experimentation was mainly limited by the fear of failure. Nation Media Group undertakes validated learning for its products by testing the startups visions. However, validation wasn’t done for all aspects of the product visions which was a common occurrence. The company also failed to use innovation accounting for most of its products and instead relied heavily on traditional methods like return on investments and profits. The concept of Minimum Viable Product was also applied selectively and minimally by Nation Media Group. In conclusion, the study established that Nation Media Group applied the Lean Startup principles selectively in developing new products. For there to be maximum gains, the study recommends the application of all the principles of Lean Startup Methodology. In addition to this, the research also recommends establishment of post implementation product teams for there to be appropriate focus on new products once the initial project teams have retreated to their routine roles.