Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Dr.Fortidas Bakuza

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Nipael Mrutu


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Inquiry-based learning is a lauded approach in the teaching of English language. However, studies based on some IB PYP Schools indicate that teachers still face challenges in the teaching of English, using the inquiry approach, whereas learners face difficulties in reading, writing and problem solving. This case study, therefore, explored how English teachers used the inquiry-based framework in the teaching of English language at the IB PYP School, in Tanzania. Six teachers from Grade one to six along with the former PYP Coordinator participated in this study. The data collection methods used included interviews, observations and document analysis. Data from the three sources were corroborated and had connections with the literature reviewed. Findings demonstrate that teachers used different pedagogical as well as specific strand strategies for reading, writing, speaking and listening and viewing and presenting. However, the consistency and frequency of teaching using each of those strategies was not uniform across all grade levels. This is because teachers required further expertise in developing their technological pedagogical content knowledge and there was a gap in the exchange of knowledge across different grade levels. Moreover, there were other factors that impeded the use of the inquiry-based approach. These were the traditional views of new staff, the time constraint whilst using inquiry process, large class size and lack of manpower, teacher preparedness, inadequate, worn out and unorganized resources and learners’ personal issues, understanding and practice. Thus, the support required as per analysis is as follows: the administration should build a quality teaching and learning network, which would consist of specialists training the teachers in different areas. Peer appraisals should be used to enhance each other’s skills. Furthermore, the administration should provide adequate resources. It should seek to care for the mental health of the teachers and learners and make more use of the counselor where possible. It should monitor and give feedback on teacher reflections. The teachers as stakeholders should research further to incorporate all the pedagogical strategies extensively. Parents and learners should extend their support in the teaching and learning process.