Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Winston Edward Massam

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Peter Kajoro


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


The high potential conferred to ICT in the 21st century has necessitated its integration in teaching and learning of science. The COVID 19 endemic has even increased the need to embrace ICT to reach learners away from educational institutions. Technological skills are necessary to solve daily life problems in this digital age. Many literatures have depicted age as positively correlated with ICT adoption. It is imperative that all teachers irrespective of age employ ICT to effectively enhance transfer of knowledge. This study, anchored on diffusion innovation theory, examined adoption of ICT among senior science teachers, aged 45 years and above, under the Teachers Service Commission. Qualitative research using a case study design was employed targeting eight purposefully selected secondary school senior teachers of science in Homa-bay Sub County, Kenya. The sample comprised of 6 male and 2 female teachers. Semi structured interviews, lesson observations and document analyses were conducted to collect data. The results revealed that senior science teachers generally integrate ICT in planning, assessment and in classroom activities. However, teacher’s workload and pedagogical preferences defined the teaching method employed. Traditional pedagogy dominated their classroom lessons while ICT partially integrated as complementary to teach only specific topics in science. Prominent factors indicated that hindered ICT adoption, were inadequate technical support reducing confidence of ICT usage, insufficient practical training in ICT integration, low level of expertise in ICT usage among the senior science teachers and ICT infrastructural deficit in schools. Nonetheless, the senior science teachers acknowledged that ICT is convenient and beneficial in education. For continuous integration of ICT by senior teachers in teaching and learning of science, there was need for apt regular training of the senior teachers in ICT integration, development of policies for teacher training and professional development that support, inspire and emphasizes integration of ICT in pedagogy.