Immunotherapy for prostate cancer: A current systematic review and patient centric perspectives

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Paediatrics and Child Health


Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men worldwide, making up 21% of all cancer cases. With 345,000 deaths per year owing to the disease, there is an urgent need to optimize prostate cancer care. This systematic review collated and synthesized findings of completed Phase III clinical trials administering immunotherapy; a current clinical trial index (2022) of all ongoing Phase I-III clinical trial records was also formulated. A total of four Phase III clinical trials with 3588 participants were included administering DCVAC, ipilimumab, personalized peptide vaccine, and the PROSTVAC vaccine. In this original research article, promising results were seen for ipilimumab intervention, with improved overall survival trends. A total of 68 ongoing trial records pooling in 7923 participants were included, spanning completion until June 2028. Immunotherapy is an emerging option for patients with prostate cancer, with immune checkpoint inhibitors and adjuvant therapies forming a large part of the emerging landscape. With various ongoing trials, the characteristics and premises of the prospective findings will be key in improving outcomes in the future


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Journal of clinical medicine