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Urology; Paediatric Surgery


Background: Renal and ureteric stones (RS) can form due to genetic, metabolic, environmental, and diet-hydration related factors. Studies have shown that patients with family history (FH) of RS have higher likelihood of recurrence.
Materials and methods: We conducted a retrospective cross-sectional study on 114 pedigrees to investigate the impact of FH on recurrence of RS and examine patterns of inheritance. Results: Family history of renal stone disease was found in 42% of all patients. There was a significant increase of stone recurrence in RS patients with a positive FH (p=0.001). Seventy-one percent of patients with recurrent stones had at least one family member with RS. Interestingly, male penetrance was higher in RS recurrence, where a greater proportion of males had no FH of RS, indicating that there may be other factors involved as well. Conclusion: Family history in RS patients should be continuously explored for the possible underlying genetic influence, whilst keeping in mind the dietary habits of the family.


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