The impact of exposure to urology as a surgical field, on the career choice of medical students and junior doctors

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Urology; Surgery


Background: There is a global concern regarding the reduced interest of young doctors towards choosing urology as a profession. This may in part, be due to lack of clinical exposure to urology at undergraduate and post graduate levels. We aimed to assess exposure to the field, confidence in managing common conditions and career prospects, from one of the largest medical universities of the country. Our objective is to assess the exposure of young doctors towards urology (as a profession), prior to deciding if they have any interest in it.
Methodology: This is a cross-sectional survey, conducted within the premises of Dow University of Health Sciences. Participants were asked to fill pre-designed questionnaires, which explored the factors that asses their prior exposure to urology as a field of science, comfortability with common urological diseases, and how this exposure influences their choice of urology as a career.
Results: A total of 141 participants were inducted; including 73 postgraduates and 68 undergraduates, respectively. Overall, those who were considering to pursue a career in urology were 18.6% in males and 12.0% in females, respectively. Regarding exposure to urology; participants admitted to having limited exposure to the field by means of rotation, (8.8% undergraduates, and 32.9% post grads). Comfort in approaching basic urological scenarios, such as regional examinations, and catheterizations were also found to be low. Furthermore, 62% of the doctors had never catheterized a patient of the opposite gender.
Conclusion: The lack of exposure to urology is serious deficiency in our medial curriculum.

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European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research