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A retrospective audit of the trend of mortality in the general surgery service at our hospital over the last decade was conducted to reflect the complexity of cases being seen.
Mortalities of 8 separate years, a decade apart, namely 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000 as initial years (GroupI) and 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 as recent years (Group-II) were reviewed. Results: Total number of admissions in the service and surgeries performed during these two periods experienced an increase of 50.7% & 64.2 % respectively. The total mortalities showed an increase with 139 (mortality rate 0.96%)seen in Group I to 285 (mortality rate 1.31%) seen in Group II a percentage increase of 105%. Comparing the operative mortality, separately, mortality rate dropped from 1.21% to 1.16% of all surgeries. Analyzing nonoperative mortality showed a significant increase from six deaths in Group-I comprising 4.3% to 76 non-operative deaths in Group-II corresponding to 26.7% (p=0.000). Deaths due to Trauma increased from 12.9% to 25.3%, p=0.04, a reversed trend was seen in deaths due to GI Bleeding 11.5% to 3.2%, p=0.001. Significantly more patients in Group-II had higher ASA levels as compared to Group-I (62% vs. 46%, p<0.005).
This study shows an increase in total mortality rate over the years, change was mainly due to an increase in non-operative mortality. Trauma became the predominant cause of death

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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