Single Center, Single Operator Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Electrohydraulic and Electromagnetic Lithotripters in the Management of 10-to 20-mm Single Upper Urinary Tract Calculi

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Objectives: This study compared the efficacy and safety profile of electrohydraulic (EH) and electromagnetic (EM) lithotriptors in the treatment of 10- to 20-mm renal and proximal ureteric stones at a single center and by a single operator.


Between January 2001 and December 2006, we sequentially treated Patients meeting study inclusion criteria with MPL 9000 Dornier EH for the first 3 years, followed by the EM Siemens Modularis shockwave lithotripsy (SWL) unit. A single operator performed all SWL treatments under the supervision of an admitting urologist. We analyzed the demographic features and stone- and treatment-related parameters including complications for both groups. In each group, the stone-free rate and efficiency quotient was determined at 1-3 months.


Of 274 Patients, we sequentially treated 112 using the EH lithotriptor, and 162 the EM lithotriptor. The pre-SWL Patients and stone-related parameters were similar in the two groups, except for diagnostic imaging modalities. The mean number of SWL sessions, need for ancillary procedure, retreatment rate, stone location, stone-free rate, and efficiency quotient were not significantly different between groups. The mean number of shockwaves required for complete fragmentation was 2977 and 6044 (P

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