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Trauma registry plays an essential role in collecting epidemiological injury data which is used in quality care improvement and research. This paper was planned toshare our experience of having developed a low-budget user-friendly trauma registry with the help of Microsoft Access. This was used because of its ease of use, quickdevelopment style, and support for relational database d esign. Var iable i nc lud ed in our registr y were demographics, description of injury, International Classification of Disease 9 Clinical Modification (ICD9- CM) external injury classification codes, date and time of arrival, length of hospital stay, referral to and from hospital, physiological assessment along with scores for assessing the injury severity. Developing a local trauma registry helped us in scrutinising our practice, and we believe that a national or regional trauma registry is the need of the hour in Pakistan. This will highlight the concerns specific to our society in providing quality trauma care.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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