Two-stage release in Streeter's dysplasia

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General Surgery



Streeter's dysplasia is a rare disorder of congenital constricting bands, occurring in 1-10 000 birth, with no sex predilection. In severe cases, it is associated with autoamputation of distal extremities such as fingers and toes. Recent advances have made it possible, in developed countries, to recognise this condition in the prenatal period and to initiate prompt intrauterine management, however, these, being uncommon procedures, need technical advances and experienced hands. In developing countries, recognition of the condition with timely management of primary and associated abnormalities required. We present a case of a 4-month-old child with type IV Streeter's dysplasia associated with right flexible clubfoot, who underwent successful two-stage release of symptomatic constricting bands from bilateral legs.

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BMJ Case Rep.