Glaucoma admissions and surgery in public sector tertiary care hospitals in Pakistan: results of a national study

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Purpose: To assess the annual number of glaucoma operations and admissions in the public sector tertiary care hospitals in Pakistan. Methods: Eye departments in all 18 public tertiary care centers in the country were requested to provide data on the number of glaucoma operations and admissions during 1998. Of these, 13 hospitals agreed to participate. Eye departments' logbooks or patients' records were used to collect data retrospectively on the total number of eye admissions, the total number of glaucoma admissions, the type of glaucoma, and the total number and type of glaucoma operations. Results: Glaucoma accounted for 8.1% (1942/23931) of all eye admissions. Open-angle glaucoma was responsible for 37.6% or 731 glaucoma admissions followed by secondary glaucoma (35.0%) and angle-closure glaucoma (18.2%). During 1998, 1407 glaucoma-related operations were performed in the selected hospitals. The mean (±SD) and the median number of operations performed were 108.2 (±59.6) and 112 (range: 17–206), respectively. Trabeculectomies accounted for 1043 (74.1 %) of all procedures. Their number ranged from 16 to 170 (median: 84) in the selected hospitals. Conclusions: We believe that the annual number of glaucoma operations performed in the public tertiary care hospitals in Pakistan is far less than required. In-depth research is therefore needed to explain if this is because of gaps in service provision or a genuine shift to medical management of glaucoma on an outpatient basis

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Ophthalmic epidemiology