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Background:Although synovial cell sarcoma is a common tumor of the extremities, its occurrence in the thorax has been less frequently documented. Case Presentation: A 46-year-old Pakistani man presented with a 2 month history of progressively increasing cough and left lower chest pain. Initial evaluation was done using a chest x-ray, the Patient was found to have a large mass involving the lower portion of the left chest. A computed tomography scan was performed next which showed a large mass involving the left chest wall with invasion into the pericardium and left hemidiaphragm. En bloc surgical resection of the tumor was undertaken. Final pathology showed synovial cell sarcoma of the thorax. At one-year follow-up, the Patient has shown no recurrence of the disease.


We have described a rare case of a large synovial cell sarcoma of the thorax. Surgical resection appears an appropriate modus operandi for managing giant synovial cell sarcomas of the thorax. However, there is a need to clearly define post-operative strategies for cases with extensive involvement of surrounding structures.

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