Abdominal wall hernia repair in cirrhotic patients: outcomes seen at a tertiary care hospital in a developing country

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The outcome of hernia repair in Patients with cirrhosis remains poor when compared to non-cirrhotics. The aim of our study was to evaluate the outcome of hernia repair in cirrhotic Patients at our tertiary care hospital located in a developing country. A total of 61 Patients with cirrhosis underwent hernia repair from January 2001 to December 2007 at our hospital.The mean age of the Patients was 52 years and there were 30 males. Early postoperative complications were noted in 20 (33%) Patients including two mortalities.The incidence of early complications was higher (71%) in Patients with Child class C cirrhosis as compared to Patients with either Child class A or B cirrhosis (21%), and the difference was statistically significant (P

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Tropical Doctor