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Objective: To evaluate the radiographic and functional results of the triple procedure (open reduction, femoral shortening and Salter's Osteotomy) in the treatment of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) disease in older children. Methods: This case-series comprising 23 patients (29 hips) underwent the triple procedure of open reduction, femoral shortening and Salter osteotomy, at Aga Khan University Hospital between June 1995 and June 2005. Patients were classified pre-operatively according to the Tonnis class. Postoperative functional evaluation was performed using Modified MacKay's scoring system and radiographic assessment using Severin's scoring method. Results: The mean age of patients at presentation was 6.84 years and the average follow-up was 19.6 months. The MacKay score was 'Good' to 'Excellent' in 25 hips; we had a failure in 1 hip joint. The Severin's class was I in 15 (51.7%) hips at the time of final evaluation as compared to none at the time of presentation. Patients younger than 5.6 years of age had a better radiological and clinical outcome as compared to older patients (pvalue < 0.05). Conclusions: The triple procedure of open reduction, femoral shortening and Salter osteotomy gives best results in younger children. Early diagnosis and intervention is therefore imperative in the successful treatment of patients suffering from DDH (JPMA 57:591;2007).

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JPMA: Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association

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