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According to World Health Organization's estimate for Pakistan, there were 25,781 (95% CI: 20,979-30582) Road Traffic Collision (RTC) fatalities in year 2013. The Road Traffic Injury Research and Prevention Center, collects RTC data on injuries and fatalities from five major public and private hospitals' emergency departments in Karachi. For the eight-year period, from 2007-2014, 9129 fatalities were recorded. Males accounted for 8008 (87.7%) all RTC fatalities. Highest number of fatalities were recorded in the 21-25 age group with 1329 (15.3%) fatalities, while fatalities in 16-30 years old, recorded 3446 (39.7%) of all fatalities out of the total 8684 records for which age information was available. Motorbikes as primary vehicles were responsible for 3871 (44.7%) RTC fatalities out of the 8654, for which this information was available. Among women, housewives were the single largest group to have died as a result of RTCs.

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