Intramural gas in stomach along with acute calculus cholecystitis: An unusual association

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General Surgery


Intramural gas in stomach is a rare finding, but differential diagnosis of this condition into gastric emphysema and emphysematous gastritis is clinically important because of vastly different aetiologies and prognosis. Emphysematous gastritis is caused by gas producing micro-organisms inside the stomach wall and is a potentially fatal condition, while, on the other hand, gas enters stomach wall through mucosal breach in the case of gastric emphysema and prognosis is usually good with complete resolution. To date, no case has been reported in the literature showing gas in the stomach wall in a patient with acute calculus cholecystitis. We present a case of a young man with upper abdominal pain, and who, upon diagnostic work up was diagnosed with acute calculus cholecystitis with associated intramural gas in the stomach with no known aetiological factors to be positive. Conservative management with close observation resulted in complete symptomatic resolution.

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BMJ Case Reports