Perspectives of pregnancy and motherhood among general surgery residents: A qualitative analysis

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General Surgery


Introduction: Prior work shows pregnancy during surgical residency may negatively impact career satisfaction and increase risk of attrition. We sought to gain deeper insight into the experience of childbearing trainees.
Methods: An electronic survey with three open-ended questions was sent to surgeons who had ≥1 pregnancy during a US general surgery training program. Transcripts were analyzed using directed content analysis and the constant comparative approach.
Results: Six themes characterized the pregnancy experience of 219 surgeons in residency.
Respondents: 1)desired work modifications during the late stages of pregnancy due to health concerns; 2)regarded maternity leave as too short; 3)perceived stigma related to pregnancy; 4)expressed need for greater lactation and childcare support; 5)desired mentorship on work-family integration; 6)placed value on supportive colleagues and faculty.
Conclusion: Pregnancy is challenging during surgical residency. These findings may inform policy changes to improve retention and recruitment of women trainees who wish to begin families during residency


This work was published before the author joined Aga Khan University

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The American Journal of Surgery