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Background: The emergence of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has crippled the healthcare systems all over the world. Cancer treatment is indispensable and disruption in its provision can lead to unanticipated consequences. No local data exists that has quantified the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on breast cancer surgery in a lower middle-income country (LMIC), therefore, the present retrospective comparative cohort study is directed to determine the trends in breast surgery operative volumes and its outcomes at our institution in Pakistan.
Materials and methods: Data was collected retrospectively from Pre-COVID-19 and COVID-19 era to determine impact of the current pandemic on breast cancer management practices and outcomes.
Results: Cohort results showed a decline in the number of surgeries during COVID-19 era. A total 149 cases were operated during study period vs. 231 during same Pre-COVID-19 i.e. a 35.5% drop in cancer surgeries. In early COVID-19 time frame, only 4 patients had breast reconstruction, 12 out of 149 (8.05%) surgical candidates were identified having positive COVID-19 status preoperatively and one ASA class 3 patient caught COVID-19 post-surgery and succumbed to virus.
Conclusion: Pandemic has a negative effect on cancer management in a LMIC with compromised access and care of cancer patients.


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