The hard criterion: The use of language test information in university admissions processes

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Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


This book offers a coherent overview of some of the key issues currently dominating the language testing profession. By bringing together a large group of authors from across the world who are actively engaged in language testing in different ways, from the practitioner to the academic, the book succeeds in highlighting a number of central ideas, the interpretation of which is to modern testing. These ideas (validation, localization, professionalization, reflexivity and politicization) are central to the chapters, which offer the reader an opportunity to see how language testers envisage the discipline developing in the coming years. The work included here will appeal to the expert and non-expert reader. The authors present their ideas and evidences in an informative yet accessible style and offer a unique glimpse of the broad range of interests, methodologies and concerns that define language testing.

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Language Testing: Theories and Practices