Dengue Virus Surveillance and Blood Safety: A One Health Perspective

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Dengue Fever in a One Health Perspective - Latest Research and Recent Advances


School of Nursing and Midwifery, East Africa






The provision of blood products to save a life is a noble undertaking for any organization tasked with the duty. In addition to saving millions of lives, blood products pose health risks associated with adverse events. Much has been done to mitigate these challenges, but emerging new infectious diseases pose a public health challenge to both the safety of blood and its availability. The dengue virus an arbovirus is one such virus that is endemic in tropical and subtropical countries. The data emerging from the published papers show that dengue could be a major threat to blood safety and availability in the future. To address these threats, a collaborative approach through one health system is the only avenue to provide a last solution. One health has been implemented as a strategy to mitigate zoonotic diseases and its results are very impressive. This piece of work is a fraction of our larger project that aims to address threats to the dengue virus and blood safety in Kenya and the rest of Africa. In conclusion, adopting one health in the fight against the dengue virus in blood safety will be the best approach to ensure a safer supply of blood products.