The impact of social studies visiting teacher programme on teachers' perceptions and classroom practices

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


The research study deals with the effect Social Studies Visiting Teachers (VT) programme on two VTs' classroom practices. Both were female and working in two private schools of Karachi. Moreover, headteachers, VTs' colleagues and the course tutors also participated in the study. The data was triangulated through interviews, classroom observations and document analysis. The major finding of study was that Social Studies VT programme made some impact on changing VTs' perceptions, attitude and classroom practices. Both VTs began to consider Social Studies as global and interesting subject and students as active learners. VTs also learnt how to develop skills related to tolerance, patience and confidence required to become effective teachers. Social Studies VT programme also substantially enhanced VTs' knowledge about instructional strategies, however, they seemed to have acquired partial understanding of some of the instructional strategies. Therefore, some strategies were hardly used in their classroom practices. Both VTs also shared some of the major concerns and challenges about innovations. Some facilitating and hindering factors such as fixed syllabus, examination system, rote learning, inadequate support from headteachers, and inadequate feedback from VT programme tutors etc. These factors could be put into three main categories i.e. programme, personal, and contextual. Both VTs also felt the need for the refresher and the follow-up programme to strengthen and reinforce their newly acquired knowledge and practices. The recommendation of the study will help IED to improve the VT programme that can contribute to develop teachers as reflective practitioners.

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