A design based research for integration of online animation videos for teaching cell cycle in biology

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Master of Education (MEd)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This study follows a design based research approach for the integration of biology online animation videos as instructional material with enhanced interactivity for class IX biology students. The traditionally used instructional material was re-designed into an interactive instructional material aimed to promote student centered instructional design for active engagement by using freely available web based technological affordance. The instructional design used in this study is informed by theories like cognitive theory of multimedia and technological pedagogical content knowledge. The design based research approach offered a theory grounded technology integration, in which online instructional material was designed, implemented, reflected and re-designed to refine iteratively towards enhancement of instructional design for use by other practitioners and researchers. The study employed a qualitative method, including interview from biology practitioner, focus group discussions from students, classroom observations, reflective journals by researcher and practitioner and students’ progress report available on website. Data was analyzed by using qualitative data analysis technique. Three key findings stood out; integration of online interactive animation videos as an innovative pedagogy, design based principles for using online animation videos with enhanced interactivity and collaborative reflective practices for enhancing pedagogy and instructional design. Furthermore, the pragmatic outcomes of this study signify the value of the educational design-research approach as a realistic and effective method for reflective researchers and practitioners. The study concludes by offering implications for online animation instructional designers, practitioners, and researchers and sharing recommendations for further research. Key words: Design-based research, innovative pedagogy, interactive animation videos

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