Improving the education of children with special needs

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This study discusses issues for improving the education of children with special needs. In the two schools where I undertook my study, I could see that teachers in both contexts worked very hard for the improvement of education of children with special needs. In the special school the teachers were trained from time to time in order to better their professional skills and to understand the children's needs. In contrast, in the regular school, although teachers were trained in various areas related to different subjects and the pedagogy of teaching learning activities, there was a strong need for teachers to be trained in the field of special education. Teachers in both contexts were working very hard in order to help the students function in society and the world. One of the major issues concerning children with special needs is how best to integrate them in regular schools with other children. Children with mild and moderate disabilities can be integrated into the regular school system if special care is taken in their initial stages of learning. Whereas children with severe disabilities cannot be so readily integrated into regular schools but can be in schools especially designed to cater to their needs. The educational practices in the regular and special schools are being developed with the needs of the child in mind. This refers to the teaching strategies, curriculum design, activities of daily living, extra curricular activities, art, and music. From time to time teachers are being given in-service training so as to better their professional skills and to help the child to do better in order to function in society. Parents in both context are playing a key role in educating their special children in the hope that there would be a bright future for them. The implications drawn from the study indicate that integration and inclusion of children with special needs are still being considered by stakeholders. In my opinion there is a hope and possibility that children with special needs in the future will work alongside all other children in regular schools.

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