Contribution of Central Asia institute higher secondary school in promoting girls' education in Immit (Ishkoman), Gilgit-Baltistan

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Master of Education (MEd)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


The study presents the contribution of Central Asia Institute Higher Secondary School in promoting girls education beyond the elementary level in the case of Immit Ishkoman Gilgit Baltistan. Qualitative case study design was applied to obtain in-depth information through interviews as a primary and document analysis and focus group discussion as a secondary source. This study included six girl students who were direct beneficiaries of the CAI and find out the intervention strategies of the organization in terms of addressing the challenges of girl students in their studies. Whereas, the other key participants of the study were parents, teachers and Principal of the institution. The study found out the low economic condition of families, traditional values and parent’s low education, distance school and lack of higher secondary schools were the factors limited girls education in the area. The study that NGO helped to overcome these challenges through various interventions by constructing school building, provision of teachers, teacher training, supply of material and vocational training. Therefore, the study has found that these interventions have their own contributions in order to address the challenges of the girl students and their schooling. Therefore, based on the findings, improving the social, and economics condition of families should be the major task in order to promote girls education.

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