Exploring feedback practices of primary teachers on students' homework in a public school in Gilgit Baltistan

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Master of Education (MEd)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Formative assessment practices within schools are usually carried out in two dimensions; assigning assessment tasks to the students and providing feedback on the assigned tasks. To assess students’ learning or performance effectively, it is unavoidable to plan and manage all tasks or activities in a way that will ensure the very purpose of the intended assessment. This study aimed to explore and understand the existing feedback practices of teachers in a primary school on students’ homework. The study was carried out under the qualitative paradigm employing the case study method. Two teachers and ten students were involved as the study’s participants. The study revealed that the teachers used to assign homework to their students and provide feedback on the assigned work but in a narrower scope. The assigned homework essentially remained textbook oriented and feedback on it was less focused and of a traditional manner. Teachers’ provided feedback was comprised mostly with the direct form of corrective feedback and also in an inconsistent way. However, the study also explored the challenges which constrained the teachers in carrying out effective feedback practices. These challenges and obstacles obviously are: (a) inadequate professional training of teachers, (b) ineffective supervision of school administration, and (c) absence of clear institutional policy regarding homework and feedback. The study further explored that the teachers need to be acquainted with the proper knowledge of formative assessment and its techniques to carry out effective and purposeful feedback practices within classrooms. The existing feedback practices of teachers in lower grades seem unnecessarily corrective and lacking both purpose and focus on students’ work. The study suggests detailed and individualized feedback on students written drafts as well as a scaffolding assistance for students in lower grades. The study also endorses to assign homework to students consistently but according to their needs, ease and interest. The purposeful home tasks thus would make the feedback process more meaningful and advantageous for both students and teachers.

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