Integration of health topics to enhance health related vocabulary in English Language teaching at early primary level

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Master of Education (MEd)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This study focuses on the use of integrated health topics and health-related vocabulary in English language teaching. Action research was used as the research design for carrying out this study. A range of data collection method was used. These included: through questionaires and interviews with pupils, teachers and critical friend. The research was conducted in one of the private schools of Karachi. The study finds the importance of learning major vocabulary of health literacy and their integration in academic system in early primary classroom. 3D strategy (drill, drama, dialogue) was used to help participants group develop health related vocabulary in the English language class. Content analysis was used to process the collected data analysis was further interpreted with the contextual information was used to support the anlaysis and interpretation regarding educational setting in which the research was carried out and carried out and contextual material (lesson plans, teaching material, audio and video recordings along with the impact of 3D strategy). The research findings show that the integration of health topics in ELT using the 3D strategy to enhance health vocabulary did serve as helpful working framework for discussing both the challenges of low health literacy and identifying strategies for addressing the problem of low health vocabulary in the light of 3D strategy in early primary classes. Although using health related vocabulary from the early primary years is a concept what may be new to many members of the healtcare community, it has quickly caught the attention of ECD practitioners, researchers, policy makers, medical people and clinicians due to its widespread impact on health and well-being. The finding lead to identifying areas of research needed to advance the conceptualization of health-related vocabulary development in the academic setting of early primary classrooms.

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