Exploring the role and responsibilities of school principals in managing schools in Karachi, Pakistan

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Professional Development Centre, Karachi


This study intended to explore the role and responsibilities of school principals in managing their schools effectively in the context of Karachi, Pakistan. The study aimed at understanding the role and responsibilities of two principals in two diverse schools settings, including one from the public sector school and other from the private sector school. This study helped me understand how school principals practice their roles and responsibilities as school leaders. What challenges they face and how they minimize these challenges? What opportunities are available for them to improve their leadership practices? Within the qualitative research design, the data for this research study was gathered through semi-structured interviews, school observations and document analysis to ensure validity of the data. Furthermore, a thematic analysis approach was used to make sense of the data. The conclusion of the study was derived on the basis of data analysis and interpretations. The study revealed that both school principals performed their duties as administrators in which they inspect the teaching learning practices of the teachers and students. The leadership behaviour of the school principals emphasized more on moral education. Both school principals had firm belief, that apart from providing quality education, it is their primary responsibility to develop moral and social values in teachers and students, which will help them, become productive members of the society. The schools principals were focusing on the vision, mission and goals of the schools and tried to provide effective learning environments to achieve the set goals within limited resources available to them. Moreover, through this research, it was realized that empowering principals to implement change in their schools is more productive. The policy implication is that for empowering principals, in order to get desirable results will complement the school effectiveness.

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