Parents’ preference: O-levels, SSC or AKU-EB for their children in Karachi

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Professional Development Centre, Karachi


Present day education systems offer a variety of education options that parents can choose for their children's basic education. On one hand, there is attractive but expensive private education system, on the other hand, there is economical public education system, though less attractive in terms of societal perceptions. This dual system creates a decision dilemma for the parents. The students of these schools also have options of sitting for a private examination (0-Level and AKU-EB) or public exams (SSC). In view of the phenomenon, this study focuses on finding out the preferences of the parents for choosing 0-Level, SSC or AKU-EB examination streams while studying in in various private schools of Karachi. This study follows Qualitative Research Methodology. The essence of the study was based upon the voice of the parents, students and the institution heads. They have been interviewed to gain first-hand knowledge about the research question. The participants encompassed all the three systems i.e. 0-Level, SSC or AKU-EB in Karachi. Largely, parents had been found interested in an examination system which could ensure their children a better and prosperous professional life. Hence, Cambridge International Examination's 0-Level is found out to be top parental preference, however, affordability and financial challenges pose serious challenges for parental choice.

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