A study of the management of group work in some primary classrooms in Pakistan

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


In this dissertation I present a description of how group work is conducted in a Primary school in Pakistan. I have made an attempt to investigate what group work means to the teachers and how it is implemented in the classrooms. The study describes how I worked with the two teachers to improve the various aspects of group work, e.g. making decisions before the lesson, setting the lesson, monitoring and intervening and processing, within the framework of cooperative learning. Teachers are often reluctant to use group work. When they attempt to use it, they limit it to putting students in groups. The study shows that group work or cooperative learning tasks if implemented well will more likely motivate students to learn on their own and from each other. This will enhance not only academic learning but also learning of social skills. A focus of this work is to study the mentoring process. It explores my efforts to develop a personal and professional relationship with the people. I explore what is possible in working with teachers, and how to try new ideas and to reflect on what happens in our work together.

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