Defining characteristics of an elite private school in the context of Karachi

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Professional Development Centre, Karachi


Despite the significant contribution of the elite private schools' in educating the elite of our societies, commonly, there is very little understanding of their defining characteristics among parents is that elite private schools are (i) privately owned (ii) they have very high fee structure (iii) and are located in posh areas. In the broader sense, it has mostly stayed out of the educationalists, researchers and policy makers' sight on understanding its exact features in the developing contexts. This study has explored the defining characteristics of an elite private school in the context of Karachi. The main aim of this study was to have a greater in-depth understanding of elite private schools and what makes an elite school elite. To gain this understanding regarding elite private school, the main stakeholders of the school have been interviewed, observed and the school documents have been reviewed and analyzed through the qualitative case study method. The main finding of this study revealed that each one of the stakeholders' characteristics contributes in making elite private school 'elite'. Furthermore, the locality of the school and the facilities that are provided for the students and teachers also significantly contribute to the 'elite' status of the school.

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