A study of the changing role of the Balochistan Textbook Board

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Professional Development Centre, Karachi


After the 18th Constitutional Amendment the role of all provincial Textbook Boards has changed. Since no study has been conducted so far to understand changing role of the Balochistan Textbook Board, this study investigates the changing role of Balochistan Textbook Board after the 18th Constitutional Amendment. This qualitative study comprises semi-structured interviews, focused group discussions and analysis of relevant documents. The study uses a purposive sampling strategy. The study finds that the changing role of Balochistan Textbook Board has helped in developing a sense of responsibility and ownership, making progress in textbooks development and speeding up the process of textbooks development including improving the quality of textbooks. However, the Balochistan Textbook Board has faced some challenges. These include; limited capacity, lack of effective coordination with different stakeholders, lack of teachers’ effective participation in textbooks development, lack of effective evaluation and to ensure quality of textbooks. The study recommends effective coordination among the stakeholders, effective participation of different stakeholders, effective evaluation process, and devising new strategies and mechanisms for textbooks development.

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