Contribution of head teachers’ motivation techniques to the performance of teachers of government secondary schools of Karachi

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Professional Development Centre, Karachi


Motivation is an integral part of human resource management. Without it, the employees of an organization will not give their excellent performance. The survival of an organization is conditioned by its motivated workforce.

The study aimed to examine the contribution of motivation techniques, used by the head teachers in public secondary schools of Karachi, for the better performance of teachers. The study was conducted in two public secondary schools of Karachi, Pakistan through case-study method within the qualitative paradigm. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews of a head teacher and two teachers from each school. Document analysis was also used to further triangulate the data.

The findings of the study revealed that HTs used improvement of institutional environment, measures for teachers’ prestige and recognition, career development opportunities, accountability, reward, constructive feedback, incentives in form of professional development opportunities, freedom of expression for expectations, recommendation for promotion, status of prominence by creating teacher leadership structures, encouragement offered and interest shown enhanced the performance of the teachers as motivation techniques.

The findings of the study revealed that the motivation techniques used by the head teachers worked to a great extent and resulted in excellent performance of teachers. The effect of motivation techniques was visible in the overall milieu of the school. The motivated behaviour and the body language of the teachers were the evidence of it. Moreover, the findings revealed some factors also that hindered the process of motivation like powerlessness of head teachers, corruption, ineffective use of ACR, and lack of transparency In the light of the above findings the study suggests that motivation techniques may be included in training courses of teachers, a special training course may be arranged for educational managers, administrators and supervisors and measure may be taken to facilitate the promotion of motivation process.

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