A study of dynamics of stakeholders' participation in school management

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Stakeholder participation in school management is a widely accepted phenomenon for shared decision-making required for effective policies. This study attempts to explore the influences of stakeholder participation towards an effective school management. It further seeks to understand the relationship between existing practices, modes and dynamics of stakeholders' participation at school level. The study adopts a qualitative design; case study approach with respondents who include teachers, parents, students, principal, and board of governors. In order to gather relevant information, semi-structured interviews were conducted with a selected group of stakeholders followed by an analysis of relevant school documents along with non-participant observation of the management practices. The case study reveals that three major dynamics at the individual, institutional and group level significantly influence the stakeholders' participation. The study further suggests that these dynamics are complimentary to each other and are required for an effective participation at school level. The study finally concludes by discussing recommendations and implications for effective stakeholders' participation which include: a) creating linkages between the three dynamics; b) wider participation in policy formulation; and c) adopting a participatory management approach for ensuring effective participation. Across all the findings of this study, it appears that effective management and effective participation are interdependent and can be considered as a vehicle' for managing schools effectively.

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