Exploring the changes that professional development interventions, under a funded project, have made in schools of District Khairpur

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Professional Development Centre, Karachi


The professional development of teachers has been key area of focus for different governmental or Non-Governmental organizations. These organizations sponsor/fund to education development projects that support the teacher professional development and institutional capacity development initiatives. The funding agencies mostly focus the areas where teachers have fewer opportunities of professional development due to lack or limited resources.

This study aimed to explore the changes that have taken place as result of professional development interventions initiated by a donor funded project in District Khairpur. This study was conducted in two WSIP Schools of District Khairpur, Sindh. For this study qualitative paradigm was applied using exploratory case study. In order to know mentee teachers’ teaching practices prior to the intervention, and the changes that have taken place after the professional development interventions. Six teachers and two head teachers were purposively selected as research participants.

The findings show that the teachers have brought about change in their teaching practices from traditional way of teaching to participatory approach of teaching. Teachers have improved their pedagogical skills and content knowledge; they have built a learning environment in the school. The teachers have become more self-reliant by attending the professional development sessions. The constant on-site follow-up support has enhanced their confidence level in planning lessons and activities. These professional development activities have also improved the physical condition of schools. Teachers have developed the learning resources from low cost materials and these resources are used in class classroom teaching.

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