Exploring the causes of lack of community involvement in one of the public sector schools of Chilas, Diamer District, in Gilgit Baltistan

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Professional Development Centre, Karachi


Community plays an important role for the improvement of education through its involvement in the schools. They support teachers to resolve their problems and encourage their children to get quality education. Community/parental involvement declare that when parents become committed and involved in the schools, academic achievement and school satisfaction increases. This study aimed to explore the causes of lack of community participation in the schools for the improvement of education to its children. This study was conducted in the Public Sector schools in the rural context of Chilas Diamer District of Gilgit-Baltistan. I applied qualitative paradigm using exploratory case study for this study. In order to know the causes of lack of community participation, one Head teacher, SMC Chairman, Religious leader, one Parent, SMC member and one Teacher were selected as research participants. I used electronic device for data and each participant was interviewed which lasted more than 35 minutes. All interviews were conducted in comfortable zone and before recording they were given consent form for putting their signature. After that, all interviews were transcribed and some common themes were identified which were barrier to community involvement in the school for quality education to its children. The findings show that community of the area is illiterate and does not know its role in the school. Moreover, due to poor economic condition, lack of awareness, motivation, conflicts/confusion among teachers and community members, impact of culture, environmental problem, contextual problems and societal problems that influence lack of community participation in the schools for quality education for its children.

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