Impact of the Advanced Diploma in English Language Teaching (ADELT) program on two government school teachers' classroom practices

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This investigation is a case study focusing on the Impact' of the IED's ADELT program on two government school teachers' classroom practices. It looks at the teachers' classroom practices before and after attending the ADELT program and the support they get from their school which includes the head teacher, colleagues, students, parents etc, to bring about a desirable change in their classroom practices. It was found that the ADELT program has had a positive impact on Arshad's classroom practices. He is, within the limitations of his context, trying to bring about a desirable change in his classroom practices. His approach to teaching has shifted from the transmission mode to interactive teaching. He has started valuing students' ideas and opinions. In contrast, the ADELT program did not seem to have a substantial impact on Huma's classroom practices. For example she still taught English language using the traditional method where teachers write on the blackboard and students copy in their note books, read aloud from the textbook and the students do the same turn by turn, etc. Huma did not go beyond the textbook; neither did she adapt her teaching strategies and materials to address contextual needs and issues. However, certain factors that hindered her practices include lack of support from her school, head, colleagues etc. In the end the study presents recommendations and implications in the light of the findings and analysis. The recommendations are in three parts: for IED, the ADELT program and the schools. Finally, I share my own learning as a teacher educator and researcher.

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