Developing strategic plan of a community school in Karachi, Pakistan

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Pakistani school leaders need to move from traditional approach to school development planning, i.e. from some kind of listed short-term operational activities to a more effective strategic planning (Khan, 2008). Hence, the purpose of the study was to facilitate the process of strategic planning in a community school in Karachi, Pakistan which resulted in developing a contextually relevant model of strategic planning for school improvement. For this study, participatory action research (PAR) was employed within the qualitative research paradigm. The data collection tools included document analysis, semi-structured interviews, reflections and field notes. This study had three major stages that were reconnaissance, intervention and post-intervention. During reconnaissance stage, current practices for strategic planning were explored. This was done through document analysis and semi-structured interviews with all the research participants. During intervention, McCune’s model of strategic planning was adapted to develop school’s strategic plan with the involvement of all the research participants which included a principal, parent, school management committee member, two students and two teachers. During the implementation of McCune’s model of strategic planning, research participants wrote their reflections and researcher took the field notes. At the post-intervention stage, semi-structured interviews with all the research participants were conducted to reflect on the overall experience of strategic planning, together with identifying facilitating and hindering factors faced during the process. Furthermore, their views and suggestions for the improvement of the planning process were taken. The findings of the study present a framework for strategic planning for the community schools in Pakistan. Resultantly, the study provides a framework through which community schools in Pakistan can develop their strategic plan involving all the stakeholders for sustainable school improvement.

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