Inquiry based teaching through drama in science education: An action research approach

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Drama is a pleasurable activity for most of the students, whereas in science education, inquiry promotes students’ critical thinking skills. When these two activities combine together, students are able to learn scientific concepts with fun. The purpose of this study was to promote class VII students’ learning by using inquiry based teaching through drama in science classroom. Furthermore, successes and challenges faced during this study were examined. For this study, the qualitative paradigm was used and particularly action research method was applied and two cycles were carried out. The research participants were a science teacher, an Academic Coordinator, grade VII students and myself. In this study, guided inquiry was used and an inquiry question was posed by the teacher-researcher. The data was generated through reflective journal, observation, field notes, interviews and video recording. The findings of the study show that through different sources, the students gathered information, wrote scripts and performed drama. The study’s findings reveal that by using these two methods in science classroom, the students develop their investigating skills by gathering data; critical thinking skill by exploration and creativity, reading and writing skills while writing scripts, and social skills through group work. The data also reveals that students get an understanding of a variety of science concepts by exploration. Moreover, the element of fun from drama made students motivated and connected with the task. Therefore, it is recommended that science teachers could bring a variety of activities to promote students’ learning. Science teachers can evolve scientific inquiry with drama, games and simulations, so that students can learn scientific concepts with fun. In addition, this study will pave the way for science teachers to promote action research in their classroom by using innovative ideas through planning, observing, implementing and reflecting cycles. On the whole, this study brought a new idea in science teaching which will generate knowledge in the Pakistani context as well as help me in my future research.

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